My First Sculpture

Hello, I have been working on my first sculpt and would like to get some feedback if possible, I also have a couple questions. Now, I have tinkered with the sculpt tools a couple times but I have never really created anything like this before.

My biggest problem areas are the smaller details like the teeth. I’m not sure how to sculpt those properly. I am also having a hard time with the smaller detail like the little circles on the eye piece. Also, with dyno on I am getting super high poly coiunts, how can I address that? What I was doing is after doing my sculpt I would apply decimate to it, and that does an okay job.

Looks great so far. Love the caricature feel.
You can reduce the amount of polys with the Decimate modifire. Edit: And I now kept reading and saw that you did use it :slight_smile:

Hello. Nice character, good job, its fun and has a punky style.
Maybe you will want to add bump maps, normal maps, and things like that, to keep details , while reducing the total amount of polys. Cheers !