my first serious attempt at using Blender...! (music video)

So, until recently I have been hampered by an ATI graphics card, so my work with Blender has been limited to very short pieces… finally I have created something a bit more ‘finished’.

It’s a 7.5 MB quicktime. Animation work done in Blender, titles+ sound dub done in Vegas Studio.

Anyway, it’s only short… be gentle :slight_smile:

(Yes, I have seen Gantz Graf :wink: )


i like it a lot. great styling

whoa… dude… that spike poked my eye out!!! I gonna sue you for that one!

I like it! Its very smooth and the music is great! keep blending!

very nice!
great styling, great integration with the music. All it needs is to end earlier, add some texture changing with the music, and add a logo or something at the end. It would make a good one of those movies at the beginning of video games. Wait. Nevermind. That looks an awful lot like the microsoft video on an XBox…

I like it a lot. I thought It was suprisingly relaxing to watch it deform.

That was fantastic! I love things like that.

I know this was your first, and it must have been a lot of work, but I would have liked to see a little more going on. More transformations with the changes in the music. Build up with more intensity as you get closer to the end, then climax. (Not a sexual reference) :expressionless:

Great work, though. It’s much better than I could have done.
I’m going to go watch it again now.

Pretty good for your first serious ,It only gets better from here.

Loved it! Mmmmmm goooy deforrrmmmmm :smiley:

Thanks for the kind comments everyone - very encouraging :slight_smile:

My website bandwidth limit is well and truly hosed (2GB on a limit of 1GB) so I’m going to move it (I’ll edit the original post!!!)



Attempt very well executed! :smiley:

Maybe a little better sync between music/video if you plan to do more work on this, it felt a little off, from time to time, but overall very cool.