My first serious attempt

Hello to all. In my spare time I’ve been modelling a house. Its more dificult than I thought :). I’ve made a render with YafaRay. It the first time thats I’m a bit happy with it, so I thought why not post it.

I know that there is really a lot more to do and a lot of texturing need to be done. Critics are really welcome. Hope that the pic is not too big.


Have you modelled the inside yet? If so, please post some renders.

A very good model, I really like the roof and the block at the back.

No not yet. I need to do the different textures for the floor. I was planing to finish the outside completely first. I admit its gonna be a challenge.

Hello to all. Here is an update of the house I’m working on. I forgot a lamp when I rendered thats why there is a unnecesary shadow on the roof. I’ve changed the lights a bit. The overall was too blue, added tiles. My friends want me to change to color of the tiles and make them bigger or to put a wooden floor.

I wanted to know what you guys think.