My first serious non procedural texture, C&C?

the below render is my first serious attempt at non prodedural. I’m thinking this will become a whole hangar.


Um, hello? Is it really that bad? I’m just wondering how to improve the texture/model, it is a spaceship, for what I’m not sure yet though.

It’s hard to see what it is which makes it hard to give any decent comments on it. Could you post a picture of your project against a brighter background? Adding some lights would make identifying the object a lot easier. With such abstract renders it’s always handy to tell people what there looking at: a spaceship, a creature,… I have really no idea what I’m looking at sorry.

GL and greetz, Fritz

A spaceship, and yea, sorry, my monitor is pretty bright so I don’t always notice when it’s poorly lit.

OK, brighter?


bumps I would really love some C&C, from you guys here, don’t hold back! Could I have some help? it’s supposed to look unfinished, with the paneling at least, but anything? I’m thinking it will be a battle cruiser, but this project is open for suggestion!

ok that background is very distracting from your model

could you post a pic without all those diamond spotlights ;

what mood or scenario are you wanting to convey?

You know, I’m not sure what mood to portray here. I know the ship is supposed to be the center of attention, maybe abandoned, or salvage, along those lines, I think. dunno.

just gonna do away with bacrounds until the ship is done. The floor is simplistic, and won’t detract from it.


The textures used on the ship look stretched in some places, so you could concider to UV-unwrap the model. Also the surface of your ships looks not very detailed. You could add some panels, turrets,… to spice things up a bit.

GL and greetz, Fritz.

OK, how do I UV unwrap? I could really use some help on that.

Also, this is a “base” model, I think, meaning that is could evolve into a medical unit, a war unit, a transport… you get the idea, so the ship wouldn’t be built with a massive amount of weapons, I think eventually, EVENTUALLY, I may add a few more cannons here and there.

You can find some tutorials on UV unwrapping here:

look under section 6.1

GL and greetz, Fritz.