My first Serious Project

Ok, all of the modeling is done. Captain Blender is officially Alive and well in my little universe of Nod. I really think it turned out well. Thanks to all of you for your support and guidance. I hope to post many more characters and scenes in the future.

P.S. If you would like to critique my work feel free. It is my first ever character or major project of any kind in Blender. I have much room to grow and anything you can offer to help me do that would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks all.

Captain Blender in full. Render Time 10:05.94

Captain Blender in Closeup. Render Time 1:40:38:.48

You need to turn down the specularity on the skin, first of all…

are you sure, for a character that is supposed to be an action figure I think it has a very plastic/rubbery look to it. Is the specularity really that much over the edge that it does not look like an action figure fresh out of the box? I can turn down the Spec, but it is not supposed to look like a person.

Read the book. Think it is out dated though as far as Blenders animation capabilities.

I have the book. I do not know how Blender has changed between then and now and if those changes have affected the material settings.

what kind of look should I be going for? In you opinions.

Dont get me wrong its good. You got the clothing down alright, the skin texture has to much spec. Maybe if you uv the head and try out the projection painting. As far as the animation goes, I think Blender has come along way as far as animating clothing and particles and fluids. His book dealt with the 2.46 release I think i cant remember for sure. The basics are very good I learned alot reading it I probally need to read it again.

That is how I feel. As far as the rest I will wait until I finish this book. I have his other two books, Bounce Tumble and Splash and Mastering Blender with me in my Library of books. I will catch up on the physics and other stuff with those books. right now I want to get better at the basics before I did into the fancy fluff.


Put him in a nice environment :slight_smile:

His face scares me a bit, looks a bit to Gordon Ramsay-ish. If you turn the specularity down just a bit I think it would look better. There’s something I find strange about the hair but can’t put my finger on it :s

I do like the modelling though and I think the body is overall very good :slight_smile:

Gordon Ramsay eh. Maybe I could make a show, Captain Blender’s Rendering nightmares. 8P Or Hell’s Blender.

About the hair, I have been told and now believe that it looks a lot like dolls hair. The hair I will fix at some point. The particle system has changed considerably from when the book was made and now, so following the hair tutorial is a bit problematic. I will fix it when I get deep enough into Bounce, Tumble, and Splash.

As far as the Specularity, I could have sworn that I chose the settings that were present in the book. Maybe the way it is handled has been changed.


The skin texture has way too much specularity, turning it down will make an enormous difference. Otherwise, very good modelling!

I have tried to re-render Captain Blender. I turned down the specularity and the reflectivity of the skin and changed the hair. Looks a different. Not sure that I improved it much…

Hi! jrtroberts,I also own the books,and some of his chapter tutorials are a bit outdated for version 2.49a,but you can allways download the version tony(bugman_2000)used at the time he wrote the bookdownload either by the included CD or from [].
I recomend using an older version of blender with the chapter tutorials from the book at least once if you want to get understand blender,but downloading is not necessary,as I have been there and i’m most like still there (stuck,frustrated,mad,etc.)but i’m not going to quit on blender yet! So far it has been a little difficult learning blender,the reason been that we as noob go digging to deep with learning how to walk instead of learning how crawl first.I,m almost a 100% sure that you can still fix that spec problem by just simply sitting back and taking a deep breath and observe your scene most likely it will be something simple like not turning off your spec button in your lights option,example if you have a three point light set up,try turning off the spec buttons functunality on two of the lights.Remember that you want spec to show from where your main light source is coming from,that type of illumanation is usually provided by a key light.The other two lights basically are use for,one softining shadows (fill light),two highlighthing the back of your shot(back light).A typical users setting for this type of light rig are keylight_(is up to you usually anything goes),recommended spot light_all values set to default except for the spot size(set to 60),and activate the auto(car icon)for the clip range,filllight_a hemi works great with an energy value of 0.5 and of course spec button disable,backlight_also a hemi with the energy level between 0.75 and 1 to get a rim light effect,spec disable on this one also.

Keep up the great work!