my first serious scene :)

Hello all,
Well i have recently discovered blender and have made several good/not good models and decided to finally make a semi-finalized scene with many of the basic tools i have found in tutroials:
Textures, Materials, Stencils, Nurb’s curves and a couple of python scripts… I would like to make it more realistic as this is one of my first “complete” models (ha the common quest) but I am having trouble doing so, any suggestions/comments/critiques would be greatly appreciated :). So here it is:

Enlighten the scene more so one can get a better idea.As far as i see u have a problem with the sky if u hadn’t chosen the way it is.U can activate the relavant menu with F8.
Also u can subsurf the earth with CTRL+1(or +2,+3,… for upper levels).
Long way to go but it is a good work for a beginner.

It’s not serious if it’s got a smiley face in the title!:mad::mad:


Welcome to BA.

Do you know about ambient occlusion? I would suggest turning it on for this scene.

Great thanks for the input i’ll look into this. As for the sky i have some mist/gradient mix witha sun pointing down on the whole in the earth.
Figured it should be dark as it is a long hole, but your right that will show me the interior.
I’ll do some experimenting with sub-surf. Also will try adding more detail. Thanks again!


Thank you for the warm welcome!

No i don’tknow about “ambient occlusion” I’ll google this right away!

May I suggest the ultimate ressource (especially the manual holds much to learn)

Regarding the long dark hole. Although the hole is pretty dark it should seem bright from the perspective you are giving. When looking out of the hole the entrance would seem to be bright since your eyes are very accustomed to the dark.