My first serious website

It’s my first attempt to make a website to show my work, allied to my lack of talent, so don’t expect to much.

It’s the first time that i show some of my work to. (…lack…talent…)

Some comments came really handy! :yes:

Thank you very much!

I rather like it. My only complaints are that at night it would be like staring into a light bulb, and that the purple just doesn’t go very well when everything else is black and white.

You have some nice architecture artwork

(are you from portugal,or brazil? )

Yes, i’m Portuguese (from Évora).

p.s.- please, give me your opinion on site and image gallery (galeria de imagens).

There is something wrong about the black gradient banner and purple text. Use another font, and try some other type of banner. About the gallery, is it possible to insert a bit of explanation about each pic, or set of pics.

The trouble with the gradient is that right in the middle it gets blurry, kinda hard to see. And staring at it for a while gives me a headache. Otherwise, nice work.

Nice site and nice work. I don’t see a lack of talent, rather just a bit of a lack in experience.
I don’t understand the portugese, thus excuse me if I ask questions that are on your site.
Are the images in your gallery rendered as stills or extracts from animations?
What software do you use?
Do you create architectural vizualisations professionally?

Hi, elbow3d

the images are stills, they just get a scale down.

I use Blender (of course :eyebrowlift: ) and sketchup, Gimp for the textures. I already made an incursion in KT, but i don’t have a good computer at home so just made a couple of images (the one bellow is in KT).

Yes, i create architectural vizualisations professionally but not as a freelancer (yet, i want to continue to improve to get some clients from my own). Now i’m working at an architectural attelier, and my main job is autocad 2d drawing. All of the images were made in my full time job.

I already saw your site and you have some nice images there. Maybe latter i can get that professional look!

p.s. before you say the exterior is dark, the glasses in the visible window are dark :slight_smile:


Not bad at all. Blender is not an easy app to use for archiviz.
The interior is nice, maybe it can do with a few ornaments, like a vase and some flowers, fruitbowls, etc.
The texture on your floor is quite repetative. If you edit in in GIMP, by manipulating the tiles, ie: have a bitmap with say 12 tiles at different orientations, you will lose that repetativeness.
However, I do realise that there is always time constraints when doing professional archiviz.

Don’t you forget the boss last words too! :smiley:

        you dont lack talent, your really good, i however lack talent :o

It’s just a minor update to the page menu and the fonts, but what do you think about it?

Thank you very much!

One thing you may want to do is test on different browsers on different platforms. The logo and the border don’t show up in Konqueror, and Konqueror is a standards compliant browser.

Thank you for your tip!

You’re welcome.

I love the fact that your design is minimalistic. It’s beautiful that way. For me, I wish the Internet generally was so thoughtful.