My First Short Animation about 11 September

Hey Guys…
I am New in here and This is my First Short animation By Blender…Its Story about September 11 attack…!
I will glad to hear Your Comments about it…
This Link : Youtube

This is great! especially for your FIRST animation project. There are a little bit of texturing errors and the room seemed unfinished, but other than that this is awesome! Keep up the good work

That is pretty good. Not too graphic, however, there is this one thing that you need to fix. If you take a look at the other scene when the camera moves around the room, you see some of the materials flickering. That phenomenon is called Z-Fighting. It occurs when you have 2 or more meshes “fighting” for render visibility. There are remedies to fix it and I think there was a solution here on this site. I would suggest that you search the words, " 3D Z fighting solution Blender". You can find your answers there.

hey johnnygibbs
Very Thanks for your Comment and watch…

Yes…I saw this page and it was very helpful…Tanks for comment friend…

Hi Friends…
There are another images from behind the Scene Of my animation…Enjoy!

Glad it was helpful.

To be your first animation, congratulations seem simple but is was a complex project. Errors are minimal, that being your first animation and big project was great. Congratulations.

Thanks very much Alexworldvideos…I am happy that you like it…thanks for comment…

Hi, I received a message by you, to watch and comment on your animation, and there is my comments

So the theme is very specific in one way - “Terrorism vs. World”, Islam(east) vs World (west) … is a usual topic spread around any media in your contemporary… Unfortunately the real drama of 11th here is not cached at all.

Background speaker… during the camera moving around the interior is an intro shot. And I thing can’t complete the hole idea. If you like to fulfill the moment of tragedy, spend some extra time and think for an idea how to catch the moment. …

Also something very important why: you start with “In the Name of God” man… ??? This is such a huge commitment for A BEGINNING… .
Are you going on war? :slight_smile: kidding… . no, seriously from my point of view this is absolutely it’s not for there.

To me looks really good, and especially as your fist animation! It’s look you’ve worked a lot to achieve this piece. Congratulations about it! :slight_smile: Keep going. I’m sure will became a really nice one. …

Very Thanks for your precise and Nice Comment…and So thanks for exact watching…I agree with concept part and Try to become a really nice one…

Looks good. Consider staying away from black out (plane hits building) Rest on that for a moment and transition with impact and explosion…Just a thought.

Is there a reason you did not color texture the walls, radiator, lamp, etc? “Z” Fight is from layering meshes. IGE: IF you wanted a stove pipe and you used a cylinder to do so. However you did it by Shift “D” and then sliding them in one another to create a stove pipe look. Where they overlap is where they fight for “Who is on top” “Z” So that same scenario you would stretch that ONE cylinder and create the joints on one cylinder (VIA Loops) as Blender then knows the face of that cylinder. (make sense? I see it in my head)

Also check out running that whole file thru with compositor nodes to create a slight blur and filmic glow as what would be in a ‘real world’. I would give you an “A” for your first time. The suggestions are only to move you into a more professional expectation.

Hello morte it is very nice.It is a perfect and clear graphics and the graphics is not too difficulty in this anaimation but it is matching your work.I like your work.This is your first work? but i cannot believe this what a perfect work morte.I am waiting for your next work.

i like that fact but know one believed it nice animation love it

very thanks for your nice comment…Thanks a lot man

Hi, first of all Sorry for late to answer…and very nice for your comment…yes it is my first animation work and you must believe…Thanks a lot

Very Thanks P.Proj

Thanks For comment …i wish for you too