My first short :)

Hello elysiun !

I’ve really started this project in december 2004, the deadline is december 2005, so I’ve the year to finish it :slight_smile: My job takes me all the time and I can work on it just few hours per weeks…

I posted my progression in french blender forums and now I want to show it here…

The story :

A young eskimo called Rody who goes to “EmisLand” to fish. After wainting hours nothing… But !!! … See you next christmas :slight_smile:

I post here my lastest pictures, you can discover who is Rody on tihs page :

[Becarful when visiting this page, a large part of pictures related to my short projects were made with an uncalibrated monitor and seems to be bad in contrast and luminosity ]

The following pictures are rendered in blende rinternal without “real textures”, they’ll be a base for mattepaintings

Wow, what you’ve done so far looks great. I think the wood textures could be slightly darker. Rody is a great character as well.

Beauteous. Reminds me a lot of the movie Ice Age. :slight_smile:

Great job with getting the snow to have that white-tinged-blue look. Looks quite real. The whimsical modelling really adds a lot as well.


Love the snowy images. It all looks really clean and fresh. Had a look at the link to your images and I really like the internal room plan iso and the iRobot type female in the last pic as well.

Wauw, Ice Age 2 ! Where’s the squirl?

It’s really hard to make a good lighting with this kind of environment. I placed an low intensity blue hemi to give a blue color to the snow. After that, I put some white lamps to do the variation of color.

I don’t use AO or other time consumming features, just traditionnal lamps.

I’ll add lot of details in postprod ! I can do that because in a large part of the movie there’re no camera moves.

Yellow : It’s funny to read that you like those old pics. I rendered the two wih povray in 2002


I started today the painting job on the main background. This is the one you’ll see in the intro of my short.

I’ve added news objects like trees and done some corrections on the lighting.

All meshes and base colors are done in blender, the rest is done with Gimp and my brave mouse