my first showreel

I just made my showreel and i could use some feedback… Be harsh plz!

Not bad, I would say the graphics and motion of the abstract stuff was MUCH higher caliber than the character animation stuff with the dude openning the door etc. To make it more uniform, I would have tried rendering the guy in freestyle etc. We have a saying in movie making, if you can’t do it right do it wrong on purpose.

i just jizzed in my pants XD

You know i agree with your saying. But how can i do it right if im doing it wrong on purpose all the time :smiley: The guy is modeled by makehuman open source… Thx for watching and comment!!

Great graphic design I really like your abstract stuff. Character animation is cool it just lack a bit of dynamism to my taste.

Everything was really good except for the character in there, but like you said, it was made by makehuman. Still, I really liked it.

Great job, I really like your text animation.

Yeah, it’s been said before, but lose the character stuff. If you’re going for 3d generalist and motion graphics work, there’s some good stuff in there, but the character animation is letting you down.

damn thumbs up that was really creative

The falling rain scenes look great.

The content of any showreel could always be better but one concrete thing I can say is that it’s too long. If you are looking for work you should cut the duration to half. Or more. That is a must. 30 - 60 seconds is the time any employer is willing to watch a showreel. 30 seconds is a pretty standard length for a tv commercial so you should be able to showcase the best you’ve got in that timeframe too.

Put your best stuff first. There is nothing really happening in the first 13 seconds except the camera moving forward. I’m sure you can do a lot more than animate a camera moving in a straight line. Show it right away.

Also the video quality is a bit hazy/blurry and the overall tone is kind of dark and underlit.

Well there’s some comments. Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh. My intention is to help :slight_smile:

sssampo is right… it’s too long. Also, I’m not sure what kind of job you’re looking for. You have a lot of stuff in there… from motion graphics to character animation. You should put only the work you want to do on your reel. I would simply cut all the character animation because it doesn’t seem your forte at the moment.

Also, put your best shots in the front and end with a good shot. Your best work is buried in the middle there (the motion graphics stuff) and I didn’t watch to the end because it’s too long.

Hope this helps you out.

Echoing what people have said here: lose the character stuff to a minimum, shorten it to a minute or less. Don’t let your audience get bored. Don’t build dramatic tension or intrigue - there’s no time for that - but give people enough time to take in the shot. Let the reel play to your strengths as a priority over being comprehensive.

thx for comment! I was kinda aware of these facts, i am making the classic old fashioned mistake. Took me a century to make this animation with the lame character and now i just cant put him out of the reel :smiley: haha. But i think you are right. I just graduated from audiovisual arts i dont know what im looking for with this reel. What parts you thing i must get rid of and what parts are the strongest in your oppinion? oh and about the quality. How can i avoid 2nd compression as long as i am edditing already exported animations… thx very much again!!