My First Showreel

So yeah, I’ve never made a showreel before. I’m not really the best at editing either but I figured I’d give it a go. I just kept it plain and simple. So here it is :slight_smile:

Any feedback will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Nice modeling. As to the reel itself:

  1. Your name is half in shadows and impossible to make out. Not good at all. You light up the name of the model, after it spends way too long in shadow, but you do not light up YOUR name. Do not leave the shadow effect on screen so long before you turn the lights on, and make sure your name is lit up too.
  2. Slow the rotation on the turnarounds. Once or twice is enough. Same time, fewer rotations.
  3. On the still shots where you slowly dolly in, you might want to track the camera as well to slightly change the view.
    The music works well, but may not when the models rotate more slowly, so keep that in mind if you make changes.
    Lighting is pretty good.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m currently re-rendering couple of things from the showreel and re-editing pretty much everything. This was actually pretty rushed which was bad in my part. I will slow down the rotation as well. Cheers for the feedback. I really appreciate it :slight_smile: