My first simple keying animation


Disregarding the overall good looking render and animation (and maybe a bit too much camera shaking) it feels a bit weird because i think i’m disturbed about what are she alooking at ??? Or more: I mean the way she turns here eyes to the left (her left) at ~ 3 sec… is something robot like… If you know what i mean…
Anyway: Nnnnice!

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Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:
I broke eyelid shape keys when sculpt to add some details, so I made some camera shaking and out of focus to blurry some broken polygons :stuck_out_tongue:

nothing to say… :hugs: it’s very good, the focus of the lens during these few seconds attracts attention and we can imagine a lot of things…

Hmmm… or this… :thinking: so titled this “Watched ?

This is great.
Congrats! :grinning:
I wonder, how you did this.
If I could do this, I would take off the day and get four … no, six beers!