my first sketches in GIMP (GPS) :)

I sketched using my pen tablet for the first time… even though its been long since i bought this tablet…
and this is also my first sketch in gimp… i used the 6b and graphite pencils in gimp paint studio… they rock!!

here is the first one… just a random sketch (click on the image for full size)…

and the second one, i have the lights etc in mind, will paint it later on:

and another one… could develop into a good concept later… i hate being lazy:p

will sketch/paint a lot more from now on since i’ve started to understand gimp’s user interface… comments and critiques are welcome… i find it difficult to detail… i’d love any help regarding how to detail the ideas coming in mind…:slight_smile:

For a few sketches they are quite good. You seemed to concentrate on perspective a lot.

GIMP can be hard at first, but once you develop your own technique and train the audience to accepting this, you may find that you can do sketches/art with plenty of flair.

Look forward to more of your sketches - they seem quite original to me.

Thanks for the reviews!!
I concentrated on perspective because the extra depth makes them seem more natural…

Here is another one i made today… this one was derived from “chaos” using alchemy…

Here is the alchemy chaos…

and this is what i sketched above it…

I like the bear. It makes me wonder what he stole from the house.

It’s clear you’ve got a great sense of perspective and space.
I’d love to see more then sketches from you.
The bears confusing though, he’s going back to the house he stole from, or going to steal from it?
Yes, it’s good it makes the audience wonder, but I think you should make it a tad clearer.

Thanks for the comments and critiques!!
I will change the composition of the last sketch. BTW the original images cannot be viewed since the image hosting site is now down. I’ll upload them again somewhere else.

Now that digital painting classes have started in college, i might just paint these when i find some time (vacations ahead!! :)).

Here is an attempt at painting a rusty car in GIMP using a reference. This was a college assignment which i was unable to submit on time because my linux installation had crashed. So, its incomplete…

the effort so far took about 6 hours.