My first sketchpad

So as part of my study of Chaos & Evolutions I’m working through Andrew Loomis right now and have started with Fun With Pencil. Will be using this thread to show off my limited progress and receive feedback and advice from the pros.

Word of warning that prior to beginning this study my artwork had not advanced past the original doodles I used to make in pre-school. Therefore if horrifically ugly drawings offend your sensibilities I advise you to go elsewhere because I intend to post some monstrosities in the hope of learning how to improve them even a little bit. First drawing will be forthcoming

If you look right here on p. 14 of Loomis you’ll see the template I was working with.

I’m not trying to copy him exactly (obviously), but I’d like to make the fellow a bit… chubbier! Having trouble with his cheeks though, I just can’t seem to replicate that effect Loomis does to make his characters so comical.

Made on the iPad ‘Drawing Pad’ app with the shiny new stylus I got in the mail today ;-). I find it easier to work with than my Bamboo Tablet & Gimp (for the time being)


More fun with a (digital) pencil, following along with Andrew Loomis… the hardest part is definitely getting that “chunky” look in the cheeks and chin. Loomis’ faces are so amusing!

p.s. The one on the right was done first first

p.p.s. It’s fun to look at these on the big computer screen. The one on the right looks rather (accidentally) like Oliver Hardy! Now he just needs a top hat and a black suit…


Further Loomis cartoon faces study… next up is expression I believe.


i remember getting my first drawing tablet back 2 or more years ago u really get into it if u keep using it,now it’s really useful in the blender interface itself there’s so much u can do with it. Ur in better hands though cos ur drawing directly on screen i had/have to deal with indirect drawing through a tablet.
I’m hoping to get the ipad and stylus for my drawings aswell it’s much better than my current bamboo. how much did it cost u altogether?

Made some quick edits after staring at it long enough


I really, really like my Bamboo tablet for painting in gimp/photoshop but for just sketching & learning with Andrew Loomis’ Fun With A Pencil I love the iPad interface. I know I’ll go back to the Bamboo once I delve deeper into Chaos & Evolutions. For now though it’s all just very easy and smooth on the Pad, and I have my Loomis book stored as a PDF on there also so I can quick switch back and forth from drawing and my reference, but they’re never side by side so I can’t just straight copy.

The iPad obviously is the most expensive equipment, I believe they run $500 these days (mine was a gift). I don’t by any means just use it for drawing though, I do a lot of my work on it. The stylus ran me about $15, the drawing app about $2. Plus another $30 for the snazzy leather case that I keep it all in and hook the stylus up to.

Some more edits