My first space ship

This is the first model I’ve spent a lot of time on. I’m looking for any critiques that could help me improve. The main problem I realized is that the best angle is from the bottom rear. I used the PBR extreme add-on for texturing. I was looking for a good background but haven’t found one yet. Let me know what you think, thanks


It’s nice. Looking forward to see more views when you’re allowed to post more images. One feedback I’d like to give is the following: you made some good efforts to make your model look used. The exhaust in contrast to this looks too clean, although it would be the first thing to get dirty with carbon black.
Keep up your nice work.

I love the idea! It’s a real rustbucket-piece-of-junk :smiley: The bottom view is already very nice. I would do something with the brassy parts of the engine. They are pretty clean, considering that the area probably gets kinda hot in operation. The top could maybe use more greeblies here and there. The windows look weird but that’s probably because there is no environment yet to reflect in them. You might find some suitable background here:

Very well done modelling.the texturing is good but is to clean in some area’s.
try maybe paneling up some of the hull to disperse the texture a little bit.
a background will give it more aspect of size,and help with bringing out materials.
right now it looks toy like or scale modellish.
Nice job!

Thanks, I’ll get right on it. They do look brand new.

Thanks for the link I was having a hard time trying to find space textures.

It looks like somebody used the force to pull it out of a swamp.
I would do something with the cockpit glass, maybe shatter it or smear it full of dirt, all black doesn’t look that good IMHO.
Regarding the environment, if you are willing to put more work into it i would recommend to put it into a natural environment like a jungle or swamp. It already looks like it crashed-landed somewhere, so you can work with this theme a little more.