My First Spaceship :D

Hi guys, in the attachment is my artwork of a spaceship I made using some of the advice I had received from my last thread. It is an extruded cube with the Discombobulator on top. It is completely Blender, and then it was taken into the GIMP for editing…background picture is a random astronomy image I got off of Google. Don’t be afraid to drop off some comments!



Sweet image! But why the noise? It just distorts the image so you can’t see the details of the ship.

Did you render with AO? If not, a touch of AO would really bring out the details. (that is, if there was no noise)

Помоему здесь все с помощью скрипта сделано, и вообще восток не так выглядит.

Thank you for the compliment! :smiley: Mr. T for you! :ba: Because there’s no cookie smilies, LOL. I put in the noise post-production because I thought it would make it look more photographic (I’m a texture person). I actually used YafRay put onto a bunch of random settings that worked to render the image with a blue background to make the blue shadow-reflections. The reflections are meant to simulate colored shadows, because I wanted it to look like a Space Race-era Russian commercial painting.

@KosHG, would you please translate your reply into English? I don’t understand Russian, and I would love to hear what you have to say.

“Wash everything here with a script done, and do not look east.”

Google translate. Not kidding that’s what google thinks KosHG said.