My First Spaceship Thread

Here is the base mesh of a spaceship im designing.

i know its a fairly common and simple design but im looking to get it looking really good

can i get some CC on it, ideas, etc

also im kind of a bit confused as to how to detail a model like this, i see spaceships with crazy detail on it. i know alot is through textures but could i get some advice on modelling workflow to stop crazy loopcut mayhem n things like that.

and finally is it ok to seperate the model into loads of little bits, ie, wings, nose, engine etc. and have each one with different loopcuts etc. or do you have to join them up again at the end?



The workflow kind of depends on your preference and style.
As for separating, I notices most of the tutorials everyone does everything in the same layer, etc, I on the contraire, prefer to model things separately. It makes more sense to me, and my background is CAD programs, so I think that explains it :slight_smile:

is it ok to seperate the model into loads of little bits, ie, wings, nose, engine etc.

It is a good idea to separate parts of a ship into different bits and then parent them together. It makes it simpler for texturing, and I think it can often add a more distinctive and complex look.
At any rate, we sort of stick together in solidarity when the Spaceship Police show up to bust random Blenderheads for reverse-engineering salvaged alien starship technology.
We got your back, man.

Most of the spaceship designs, esp ginormous cruisers are just greebled.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=2144&bih=1055&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi
This can be ither done through texturing or physically modeling the individual greebles.

thanks for your advice everyone, im going to start working on some seperate parts like the engine etc to get my hard surface modelling skills up a bit

also is there a Greeble add-on for 2.59?

Ok so this was me trying to model different parts n make it look all good

please let me know what you think, how i could improve it, etc etc

its an Engine, for some kind of jet i guess, i used reference images etc.

anyway ill continue working on it. until i can use it for something. was thinking of designing a ship that still needs support to get out of the atmosphere. like we are just entering the space age or something…