My First stab at animation- right in the kidneys

Well it has been three years of me using Blender and I am dawning on my 16th birthday. So here is the extent of my talents in Blender and I want to know wha everyone thinks. It is a small 3-4 second clip that I didn’t decompress so it is around 2mb. I am aiming for a Viking Cartoon with a more Cartooney feel to it. Here is the link to my site where the clip is.

Viking Cartoon Test 1

well, the water and the motion is fine, but what is going on with his hands?

Okay, here is a new clip. I changed the character around and added another one.

Now I need help with the arms and hands. I have two characters parented to the Ship (just your average Crtl+P) which is parented to three Verticies on the Water Plane which has a wave effect. I don’t know why their arms move in weird directions. Any suggestions?