My first steps in Blender


I started learning Blender some weeks ago and this is my current and first Project. Comments are welcome. :slight_smile:


THIS is your first? What experience do you have with another 3D software? Because it doesn’t look like anything a total newbie would be able to do.

Thx. :slight_smile: I used DAZ3D Studio before. But I learned Blender by using 3 DVD’s from Galileo Press.

Here some steps.

This is the very first try.

Second Version.

And this was the scene last week.

New Version.

well its getting better, keep improving it.

It really looks great, I see some noise over the walls that do not look good, but great models and I liked how you managed the ambient light with the exterior light

wow that’s a BIG jump from DS to blender but looks like you landed on your feet running :wink:
keep up the good work and have fun

Thank you all. Yes, the walls are pretty noisy, I don’t know why. I raised the samples from 900 to 1000 and lighted the floor a little. Exterior lights are done with an HDR-Pic. Maybe have to slow down the lights. I’ll play with the numbers and look where it goes. By the way, it’s with Cycles done. :slight_smile:

Awesome work,can you post a closeup of the tank.

I’m doing a fishtank in blender with a sand substrate and i’m having a hard time finding cycles tutorials on how to do sand.(i know i have to use the math shader but i can’t find any info on what each shader does and how to get the desired effect)

Hello BloodHound,


This is the Preview with 200 Samples:

I made 5 panes, Bottom and 4 Sides, because when I made it from one piece, the corners don’t look realistic. I made the panes with this nodes:

For the water I put a cube in the fishtank (overlapping with the panes) with these:

At last I put a landscape in with these:

It’s a little bit faking, but from the far, it works. :smiley:

I hope it is helpfull for you.

By the way… The material for the glass I found on my training DVD’s, the material for the water from YouTube and the mat for the landscape I puzzled on my own. :slight_smile:

Looks cool

My glass setup is a bit different.


Like the sand texture but i think it could be simpler.

Water needs work,Try the fluid sim with cycles:

I used very simply node setups for the renders above.

Hope this helps a bit.

Will be watching this thread.

That is better by far!!! Great! How did you made the water and the glass? Which Nodes?