my first suit

well, i’m “new” in blender (something by 2 month) and decided to make my first organic “character” based in a blueprint.
well, i liked it. of course it’s not beautifull, but for my first “organic” (with legs and arms) model, it’s ok.
i used blender and zbrush to add some details, it was my first time in zbrush so it was not very good and i took too much (1:30 hours) hehe…

well, here is the image:

Wow, looks very good!

Keep it up!

thank you man, i’m really happy that you like it.
you’re welcome to give some critics of course, well, i need to be better every time, and for that i need some critics to know on what invest.
thank you very much
expecting more coments =D

ps.: sorry about the english… hehe

I like it to, from first organic model its really good, the character form is really nice too. I’m not so good in organic models, so I don’t talk about the modeling and things like these. I like it.

The legs need more definition, thy look like blocks stuck together and twisted…might need a bit more work on those, but great job other than that.

hmm, thanks people, i’l see what i can do. unfortunely, i will travel this weekend, so i will just be able to do something at monday.
well, i’m really glad that you all liked it.
it’s motivating me to do some other thing, just don’t know what yet hehe
well, when i’m back, i’l try to improve it, or, even do some other model hehe
i’m expecting some more comments and tips…
thanks people :smiley:

An hour and a half s not much time in Zbrush. In the opposite I would advice you to spend more time in Zbrush.

Also from what I can see this is not an organic model but an inorganic one. If that is the case and you use Zbrush I would advice you to take a look at this tutorial by Mike Jensen.

Nice to see a Maschinen Krieger even here :slight_smile: I think that for a model like this, the traditional modeling (not
the sculpting) is much faster and precise. With the sculpting you could make the seals joints, and other details, but the rest is too imprecise with this method.
Keep working :wink:

hello pople, sorry for the time off and no answers, i was travelling and have no acess to internet this weekend.
well, next time i will pay more atention to the funcionality of the zbrush tools and everything.
in some time, i will make some other character and post here.
i’m busy this week, but i will try to find some free time.
well, i’m glad that you all liked it.
thank you people
and thanks NinthJake for the tutorial :smiley:

Render quality is real good, honestly, but the model on the other hand… Well, just keep practising.

Is it a robot ???

well, not really, it’s like a space suit.