My First Tank

This i have worked on for a while but i still need help on making it more realistic. If anyone has any tips for me that would be great.:smiley:

C&C is welcome!


For better results try looking for blueprints here:

Now now. People can do tanks without blueprints. I actually encourage people to discard blueprints… Just look at picture of tanks and take notes of what shape / texture features are the most notable features of modern / old tank and make tank which has those features.

What i can say from your tank it needs a lot of work to go around. More details, better lighting… believable background etc… but you have a good start.

I agree with Eradicator, you can get some pretty good results without blueprints. I do have a few pieces of advice however:

Sharp edges should be beveled. Everything in real life is blunted to some degree. To use bevel, select the edges to be beveled and go W - Bevel.

Details add a lot of realism to models like this. It’s the little things - pipes running back and forth etc. You can add them through modeling or textures, textures are better for really small details (like panels) and modeled details suit everything else. Search for images of tanks for ideas, and a UV mapping tutorial for texturing.

Try not to use procedural textures if you can help it - they don’t always appear the same scale. UV mapping is usually the best way to go about it.

Nice start so far though. Keep it up.

The gray parts of your tank (treads, cannon) look nicely detailed. The green parts don’t. Ultimately, if you’re looking at a picture of a tank and see something there that is not on your model, then make it and stick it on. And then at the end, find some very convincing materials.

I need some help creating the grass. I think i know one way but i think it would take too long to do.(make each blade one by one)
Thanks For your help

I would agree to an extent. Blueprints are helpful for grounding in a realistic shape. And if one is trying to make a real world tank, they are utterly essential. But if the tanks is your own creation, then looking at pictures, as Eradicor pointed out, is fine. Google the Abrhams tank. They’re sick.

I used to be able to make grass with the particle system. However the developers redesigned the particle system (for the better) and I haven’t had time to learn it again.

I found something that might be a good resource for folks wanting to model tanks and other armor. The US Army Ordnance Museum at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds near Baltimore MD. Here’s their web site:
I’ve not been there yet but hope to visit in the next few weeks.

I’d turn AO on. Realistic lighting can really help make a realistic image.