My first test video, I've some jerk problem

I nedd help, Original video is fluid, with vlc player and window media player, but in youtube it is jerking

video property:

with: 640px
height: 360px
frame rate: 24
mp4 h.264

First off very nice story and a great little animation. MPEG4 - H.264 seems to be what most of us use for animation on here. But, I have on occasions had some of that same jerkiness or stutter. I do know it doesn’t happen with 30 frames per second. But, of course that runs up the render times. Is that 284 your bitrate? And, if so is that high enough. But, here’s my suggestion. Before you do anything upload your clip to Vimeo and see what it looks like on there. This could very well be a YouTube thing. But, also do some research on Bitrates.

Thank’s a lot, I’ll try!

My guess is that Youtube is changing your video to a different framerate when it does its conversion. As theoldghost says, it’s worth trying it at 30fps, either re-rendering or finding a way to convert it more smoothly before uploading. I don’t think changing the bitrate is going to have much of an effect aside from introducing or removing compression artefacts.

I’ve seen this a lot in animations on You Tube and I don’t know what the solution is, but is it possible the jerk coincides with each key frame? If so you could try increasing the “GOP Size” setting.

Thank’s guys!
Can you explane me how can I increasing GOP size?