My first time

I found Blender not 2-3weeks ago and absolutely love it. So i decided to learn to use it and so far i think i’ve progress fairly well. i used Calvin’s tutorial on cartoon eyes for the main feature of this render (can be found here This is my first .blend that i’ve actually done anything with (including save it), so here’s Eggy.

I put this in Works in Progress mainly because he’s not finished, and I may decide to use him later.

Please give me some ideas on what I should do now.

it looks like somthing off of vegetails…(srry my spelling is really crappy)…well r u going to animate it??? i would be cool if u did…make it bounce around…idk if u know how to animate…idk any tuts for animating… im kinda new to blender my self

Yeah, i thought about animating the little bugger. I’ll have to re-do him, for some reason his .blend wont let me veiw him outside of [NUM0] camera view. I try [NUM7] and [NUM3] but he disappears. Now that i know what i’m doing with this it wont take me 3days to make him again. 3min at most i would assume.

I do have to redo the mouth. As of now its just the top ring of a 32-32 uvsphere materialed black. Then I used a Lattice Deform to make it into that egg shape.

o… ok…idk what to tell u about the number things… u should post an up date picture…when u get the chance…

you might want to try to press the “. (period)” key on the numberpad, that should bring it back into view

very nice for a first model, g/l with blender it rocks :RocknRoll:

Thanks, i’ll see if that works

dude! veggietales!!! my childhood!!! Wow, when I was 2-3 weeks in I was making spheres with the subsurf tool. This is amazing.

look for
1 shape keys
2 rvks
3 lip synching

using blender search

Pash: Thanks, the [NUM “period”] key worked, i thought i’d lost him.
watchthis: Thanks alot, his body is a sphere with parented lattice deform, top scaled in and bottom scaled out.
edwin: What are these? and what are they for, if you don’t mind.

If any one has any idea on how to make a proper mouth please share.

they are all things needed for a great animation.

Nice first blend :slight_smile:

Pretty new to all this myself, but Blender is really powerful, and I found the learning curve pretty exponential… build on what you know and keep chopping and changing it. The more you learn, the more you can stack up , to great effect :smiley:

Just about to get into animating myself. The key features that were mentioned were:

1: Keys - these define points in time where your model is at a certain state. Define these “key” moments and Blender will work out what happens between them.
2: Shape keys - these define patterns such as facial expressions or mouth movements for talking etc.
3: rvks? Reverse Kinematics? This is a bit more sophisticated than you need with such a basic model, I think. Simple forward kinematics would be sufficient, maybe… and a lot easier to start with.

The main place that I’ve been looking for my tutorials on animation is
This is the animation documentation and has some useful walkthroughs that will explain the basic features. How to add keys, how to manage movement in space and time, how to add skeletons and shape keys, how to use the Blender IPO window etc.

I think the best thing I did was work my way through the “Noob to Pro” guide… a lot of useful stuff and shortcuts that I would have missed if i’d just been messing about. Try here if you haven’t already… very helpful stuff:

See my first none-tutorial-led project here:

Best of luck, and keep Blendering… I’m kinda addicted too :wink: