My First to Scenes

Hello, here i post my first two Scenes.

Im actually posting them to get some feedback, and some help.

The scenes are from a Old Style Dock, with barrels, wooden boxes, Large Warehouses, Still missing the principal building in it.

The other one is from a rusty and abandoned Hotel, wich is almost ready.

The thing is if you experts in the matter could giveme some advise in the Models. And how can i UV in a good way this stuff, specialy the docks floor and the Hotel.

Well, thats all, here some photos.

Dock scene is for BGE - A short Game im trying to create.

Hotel Scene is simply an artwork, a proyect wich final product is a picture.


Update from the Dock, with some textures.

Normal Maps only in the Dock itself, the Warehouse still in progres the normal maps.


In order to give advice, we’d need to know the intent of the scene. Is it for a game, a still, or an animation?

As far as the modeling so far, it’s a strong start. Most of what would need to be done in any case is adding more detail to the meshes and composing the scene, like adding water, ground, and a backdrop.

For unwrapping this tutorial is probably exactly want you are looking for.

Hey, thankes for the feedback.

The Hostal model is for an artwork, a picture, nothing more, still to work in the enviorment.

The Dock sceen, is intended for the game engine, a short game about the Graff Spee (German Ship that take cover in the Docks of Montevideo in the Second World War). So far it has 5266 faces the scene. But i`ve red that i could go easily to 200.000 faces and still have a good frame rate in the GE.

LoopyShane, thanks for the link there, that was EXACTLY what i was looking for.

P.D: Sorry for my english it`s a bit rusty.

Here`s a new update in the docks, new textures, some lazy water efect made with the cloud texture in blender internal materials. and a more darky enviroment, that what im trying to acheve.