My First Toon style characters

Hello everybody!
I am a person who has… Big ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

With all the possibles venues for discouragement aside, I am hoping to make a small series using 3D animation in Blender :slight_smile:
I have been working in blender for almost a year and a half and i would say that i’m close to switching from Beginner, to perhaps an intermediate. Now that’s just my opinion. I feel like what i’m lacking the most… is just proof of what i know x:

So I have made a list of how this project wont be hard by splitting things into simple categories.
Such as Make the main characters, Model a simple village, Take my time. Just general things :slight_smile:

So, I will go ahead and explain what i have.
I have most of a written story so don’t worry about that.

(Picture for Thumbnail)

(Back to the regularly scheduled program)

(Isn’t REALLY my first character but i hope it will be my first good enough to use)

I’m trying to create a base for the male characters currently. I don’t think that the people will change much from person to person other than eye color, voice, hair, and clothes. I guess you could say i’m nearly aiming for an anime style.

I’m following the citizen tutorial on character modeling with the blender pilot. However of course, not making the pilot but my own character off of a reference image.

I am ridiculously proud of how well the hands came off straight off of the skin modifier compared to what was done in the actual video tutorial.
I’m hoping to allow the character to change clothes so rather than modeling only the clothes i am also keeping a body mesh underneath to use in conjunction with mask modifiers (a method i learned from David Ward’s Tim Burton style character tutorial)

Also if i may point out, it seems convenient that RoosterTeeth has just recently released episode one of their new 3D animated show “RWBY” and even before i saw it i was kind of imagining that style of characters with the toon shader and edge option used in the Render/Post processing tab.
I’m quite intrigued by their characters and just how versatile they are. Here is a great example i found when trying, and failing, to find a wireframe image of the character.

I feel like it would be really cool to be able to pick away at the details of the show or just the characters… i feel like i could learn a lot.
And trust me, i know i know that i can’t simply “Aim for that.” like a kid who shows a picture and says “teach me this.”
Just seeing the show got me around to questioning certain attributes about the show. But i think i have to save the questions for later.

Interesting things to point out that i have noticed so far;
I once made a forum on a similar topic to this before when trying to model characters without sculpting whatsoever.
The question come up on how they could make the black line for the edge of the mouth appear that well, and i see from this show that they actually have a small black ring of faces inside the mouth just under the lips to create that.

Another thing i’ve noticed is the combination of the Shadeless materials and a texture that has painted on shading. This seems to give off a very stylized effect that is worth thinking about.

Current Questions:

[] Is it possible to set up an armature for hair that can react to wind? (and hopefully retain a decent shape at the same time x: )

[] I remember from the blender animation tool kit that you can save actions done by rigs and apply them to others… How similar does the other rig have to be for that to work? And can they be saved into a library i can keep a decent track of over time? (For example if i have background characters walking around or doing other actions you would see in a small crowd, could i save their actions and re use them from time to time?)

It’s excellent that you’re thinking so critically about the steps needed to even animate the simplest of scenes. It’s heavy labor. I’m neither a fan of ears or nostrils and you’ll find 99% of the people here state, quite plainly, that they HATE ears. What I’m discovering in my own experiments is that it’s either hair or ears that provide a visual ‘stop’ for the audience when it comes to relating to the face. A bald character without ears becomes a sci-fi oddity no matter what; that same character with BAD ears (or “stylized” if we’re being polite) allows the audience to disregard the freakishness and focus where it matters: The animation, story, eyes, etc.

To respond to your question, spend a week messing with ears that you can trade off to different characters. It will relate better for the audience even if they’re greatly stylized.

You’ve done your research! You’ve mentioned things I hadn’t heard of but am excited to go out and watch and see. -thank you! Little black lines that hide inside lips are something I just started using inside eyelids to spare myself Edges and better the visual fidelity of that area. There’s a massive rendering tool in Blender I know ZERO about and it’s stunning how well it can transform 3D render materials into a variety of 2D effects like a flawless, hand-sketched pencil drawing. Perhaps you have an affection for just such a thing? It might have some answers about that shadeless material and there’s also Baking textures which is what I’ll be doing…

I’m gently inspired by 2D animation and their characters are so expressive! In 2D, they can decide when to not draw a feature, omit physics and stretch bones, jaws, cheeks and squash skulls to crank up an expression. My opinion is that Madagascar characters still hold first-place for this in professional 3D but for us, it’s an Olympic hurdle. Your character is sound and the first thing I noticed were the hands and natural arm shapes! Kudos. But for that face and head, how far will you deform to accomplish the more dynamic expressions like in that sheet? That decision spells a lot out about the style you’re going for.

I like your initial approach to tackling this (I too think big) and hope your momentum stays strong and fast!

I don’t think the page updates as new if i just edit the original post :stuck_out_tongue:
So i thought i’d actually replay to let you be able to see that i appreciate your response ^-^

I really appreciate your post HelloHiHola :slight_smile: I really like your feedback, suggestions, and topic to ponder about aswell as i agree with alot of what you’re saying :slight_smile: i never really thought about the animation done in Madagascar stuff. but now that you mention it i can remember several moments that are fantastic o: And for some reason i wanted to compare it to jimmy neutron, and i see that there is a lot less of extreme animated movements and characteristics. That’s a neat thing to notice :stuck_out_tongue:
i’m not 100% sure if i’m more influenced by 2D or 3D animations. I’ve seen many of both that i have absolutely adored :slight_smile:

You’re cruising right along which means you stand a pretty good chance to accomplish something for the rest of us to enjoy. And Comment “edits” aren’t considered new posts, so just flow on down with new status posts! When you have major changes, a new Image Upload in the Comment #1 WILL update the Thumbnail on the WIP Forum.

[] When a person gets older (Eg: age 12-15 ish) what parts of their bodies grow? (AND I MEAN LIKE LEGS AND ARMS AND HEAD! O_o" don’t think i’m asking anything weird like that!) This character will start out a little young and through the first few planned episodes he will reach his more regularly used age and height.

Everything’s relative, right? Old = 12-15 ish; that gave me a smile. True story though, EYES start out almost full size. Teeth and their curve in the jaw remain constant though the jaw takes a trip outward and outward and doesn’t stop. Ears, for some stupid reason, just get bigger also. The brain grows only a little faster than the skull and that includes the brows though they grow outward side to side as time goes by. The cartilage of the nose expands and lengthens at a greater pace than the bit of bone that leads into it even though that can widen at an early age, 12-15 ish.

Most joints get knobby and wide. From age 7 to 15, joints widen, stiffen and heal more slowly and break a little more easily as a result. The neck vertebrae get longer and wider affecting the distance from chin to sternum.

Finally, the crazy Wisdom teeth mature and move into place disrupting everything in the jaw near the end of your proposed stretch of time. Your character will really encompass some of the most dramatic changes a human encounters! In simple terms, their face will appear to “shrink” inside the head as bones expand and features mostly don’t. The neck will lengthen and overall muscle tone will improve as the joints like elbows mature to hold bigger biceps.

[] Is it difficult to morph a male base mesh into a female? O_o" or at least the head? i think i would rather make the body according to the corresponding reference image i used for the male.

I’m dying a little everyday on this very concept. “What is Feminine?” is a WIP topic in the Forum where the answer is 30% science and 70% subjective. “Is it difficult?” Maybe you accidentally always make females and it’s a breeze for you! I usually accidentally make old white men or young black men - my women are still peculiar with thin features. Forehead ratio is crucial, kissy-lips help and a proper ARC over the eyes into the brows make a massive difference. Please post some of your tests on that thread! :slight_smile:

[] I feel like i want to just model details onto the character, but texture mapping may prove to be better. How hard is it to make texture maps of clothes and skin details if i have photoshop at my disposal?

Can you draw? I’ve checked that RWBY animation, most of the details are drawn very well on the mesh and the name of that render tool Blender provides for the Shadeless and ink-style animation is Inkscape. Again, I might be 100% wrong on that info, but look up Inkscape - it might blow your mind.

New question: Can you share your retopo loops please? Wireframe to see if your facial expressions will be smooth?

So if i change the original picture in the first post the thumbnail will change? :slight_smile: (if i understand that right)

You really know you’re information! o:
And it even sort of answers one thing that’s been bothering about the model. It always appeared that it was a kid with an adult head, so maybe if i use this head as the older one, and sort of soften up some of those features you are mentioning, perhaps i can have a slightly more childish looking character :slight_smile:

Can I draw? I think i can say yes and no, because where as i can draw really well, for some reason i guess you could say my coloring isn’t so great. I’ve seen other people to paintings in photoshop and how they know exactly what colors to add where and what colors to blend with seems beyond me sometimes. Like they will add the oddest accents of colors into something and it looks amazing. I don’t know, maybe i wouldn’t be getting that complex with these sorts of things though. I should maybe try to make a set of clothes for the character using both methods and see which seems the best.

As far as the Wireframe i’ll get a few pictures here.

The typology for the head may not be overly clean topology… But you should see my last try about a month ago :slight_smile:

But back to the first picture, I hope that the typology will be clean enough for animation. I’m not sure how extreme i would want the facial expressions to be. So gigantic mouths and eyes aren’t as important to me, at least not in this particular project.

The ear… It’s kinda funny really. I started the tutorial on the ear retopology, and paused to figure one bit out. and just… kinda kept going with my own judgment. I have that sort of problem when following tutorials. i get ahead of myself and try to go further than the instruction to feel smart… sometimes it fails but this time, i really don’t think it was a bad thing :slight_smile: I didn’t like my ear sculpt and by trying not to add too much detail i think it came out “alright.” I do like your original comment though on making several ears though. it just seems like i may… procrastinate that >.o not sure. And then i just included a picture of the hand as well :slight_smile: I havn’t done the sculpting on that yet x: but i assume that shouldn’t take too long.

I did like i said and tried to make hair with the skin modifier and with strips of poly to compare the two :stuck_out_tongue:

I have things that i dislike about both methods… :s
It seems like i probably want to aim towards the poly strips.
I completely guessed on how to make a hair texture… but i like the tips of the hair without the Edge post effect and the rest of the body with it. And then lastly i feel like the poly strips doesn’t have much depth to it (of course i probably could try and make the strips smaller and add more of them).

i just wonder how someone could animate the hair afterwards. I saw someone make poly hair that could react to wind in blender but they never said how x:

[Edit] I think i need to fix up the nose and mouth though :frowning: after a while of looking at it it just seems off. :confused:

I animate very little so take this with a grain of salt but the loops look like a great start! The improvements over the last version of your head mesh are big. Eye, eye mask, directional changes around the nose and mouth loops are all in good spots. My concern is you have loads of loops around the eyes as eyelids. That may frustrate you as you key in expressions or it may not; it’s just a crit.

If we were working side by side and modeling were a breeze, I’d suggest a few little things per your comment: “A kid with an adult head.” I’d say arc or round out the brow bone but leave the eyelids low or lower than they are; bring the corners of the mouth inward even though that ‘violates’ the head proportions we all know and love and lastly, as an experiment, gently close the distance between the nose and mouth and then very gently (to not disturb the eyes) life the nose and mouth together leaving the chin where it is so the nose is more near the base line of the eyes.

My guess is that compression of features will make a cartoon kid and change the relative appearance of the head itself. It’s really getting quite valid as a first animation model. Keep too many hard corners out until he’s older.

Can you make the hair a soft body with vertex weights and affect it with wind setting rigidity so it’s not flying all over the place?

Hmm. I didnt get to get much done lately :frowning:
There’s been some little rugrats around here lately lol.

I think i know what you’re saying. In fact, by coincidence, i saw an image uploaded to facebook from a drawing page (I wish i could dig it back up but it isn’t too important) and the picture showed how, exactly like you said, the face is pretty much shrunken on the head. The mouth moved up closer to the nose, the eyes are a bit bigger (in accordance with the head). It didnt show anything about the roundness of the skin but you’re right on the money there too aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

The difference doesn’t look too significant but i’m happy with it :slight_smile:
I also discovered that if i set the edge setting down to 1 on the post processor it wont outline all of the hair except in some crucial areas, which may be beneficial.

I think i’m about ready to finish up the rest of the model :slight_smile: I think all i would need to do with the head now is to rework the hair a bit, and then make the inside of his mouth i think. And i’m jut now noticing he probably needs eyebrows lol.

Some of my worry is beginning to set in on how well this will look. s:

I find it ironic how i love how it looks in the 3D view much more than i do the renders :confused:

i guess i’ll head off to sculpt the hands.

Yep… Failing to ignore the head >.o

I wonder if i should keep it simple and Just leave the hair like it is in the 3D view like this?

Or perhaps even a light gradient…

Scheming face

I attempted to Edit that post^ but it made a copy of it instead… :<

Anyway i’ll use this then to re edit it and show you the full character so far :slight_smile:

I made the change of giving the character a gradient hair and i think it looks great :slight_smile:
Then i also added some general textures on the clothes as well :slight_smile:

Quick questions… Is it frowned upon for me to be… putting up this many pictures?

At only 80 ish posts i can still say that i am learning how to correctly use forums :stuck_out_tongue:
I know they all have different rules and preferences.

The gradient has really worked out! It’s going to be nice to see him in a matched-style environment animated or posed. WIth all you’ve learned through this process, your next characters are going to get even more solid. It’s nice to see.

The Forum controls aren’t too hard but if you have any questions, read those “sticky” posts. :wink: I don’t think you’ll get banned.

Now you’ve got me racing to catch up to you! I’ve been trying for weeks to construct and deconstruct the head so I have just the most needed edges for animation. I might have just gotten that today. I’m going for the “pig-nose” style over the razor triangle just for no reason other than I have all those polygons to use. None of my characters have ever had hair to speak of so it’s good for me to see what you go through and experiment with.

Later, I’ll finish up what I started with modelling and simple texture and post it without hair I think. All in all, thanks for all the posts! Glad I could have helped and you have pushed me forward too.

Hah! Your models have so much more thought put into them though :stuck_out_tongue: it’s natural that it would take a bit longer :slight_smile:
I think i’ve been surfing along on the idea that my character is stylized. :stuck_out_tongue:
Because where as in the Blender Pilot character creation Tutorial where he is creating a model off of a concept, my character is more of being created as i go :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll show you the Reference image i started with created by my Artistic Girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue:

She drew it based off of game characters from a MMORPG called “Flyff.” Which… coincidentally is where i met her :stuck_out_tongue: (But don’t worry about that, that was years ago and we visit each other decently often) So that style of character is somewhat sentimental to us.

I didn’t want to just create one of those game characters though, i still want it to be my own creation so i went with the drawing to just base it off those body proportions. :slight_smile:
Currently i think my character’s legs are too short but i think i will use that in the beginning to aid in the fact that they are younger at the beginning. :slight_smile:

I definitely feel excited to know that i’ve encouraged you to work on your models as well :slight_smile:
This whole time i thought it was just you doing the encouraging here lol.

As far as recent progress goes to add an update to this message, I took my really good Skin modifier-made hand and made a terrible sculpt of it. I learned that sculpting on a hand can be very very destructive if you are not careful. Especially using the smooth brush on the fingers. To do that, it needs a lot of geometry in the fingers so that less of it is effected, thus being less destructive. I can be honest that i probably didnt take the sculpting too seriously. I felt that the important thing was to get a hand that was animation ready. Even still i pushed through the tutorials even though i had trouble with some parts. I skipped some bits like sculpting the fingers feeling half way confident that i could Frankenstein the fingers off of the base mesh and model in the details from there. I didn’t end up doing that exactly though. However in the end i did end up doing alot of the details by modeling it in like the fingernails and knuckles and what not.
Anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I am lucky that my hand doesn’t need to be very detailed. With this attempt at cell shading with shadeless materials turned on under the materials setting and the edge setting on within the post processing tab under the rendering tab, what was mostly important was an overall silhouette from all angles. x:

Overall i can’t say i’m proud of the hand, but i am happy that i learned some things along the way :stuck_out_tongue:
Hot keys (Such as the [i} inset key and the [ctrl + b] Bevel key) , tools, and general understandings of retopology.

:slight_smile: I think next i can either make some feet (which might not be necessary i’m not sure), or try to learn how to connect the retopo head and hands back onto the bodies’ mesh.

Then make a few hair styles to test the soft bodies and wind thing and rig him up :stuck_out_tongue:

Yaay :smiley:

Your girlfriend has some crazy-good drawing skills! Give her a hug for me. I’m glad you guys visit each other “decently,” and often (I’m sure there’s a typo in there but it’s funny as hell).

If I understand, you went from the far hand to the near hand, selected? Those loops are wonderful in the fingers and with little work should animate really nicely. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but in watching animation, the mouth sync and finger articulation aren’t far behind.

I started out with bodies and look forward to you jamming the Rigify button! What’s great is that it will help you reevaluate any sizes you have questions on. The basic skeleton is beautifully proportioned. You’ll have to tweak the mesh, that palm and bend the finger joints to center the bones within; if you center the bones first to the mesh, you run the risk of twisting the animation axiis and creating more work for yourself.

As for my thoughtful modelling… I move waaaaay slower than you! I don’t know how you manage to test so many things so quickly!? I just keep the finished product in mind and what’s best about Blender as a tool is that it influences the finished product as I’m working. So it’s this reciprocal workflow where one thing inspires the other.

I know this is your WIP thread and I’m not hijacking! This is current progress and I am pushing this chubby guy through later today! Frankenstein your meshes carefully and since you already note that silhouette from all angles, I bet things will be fine!

P.S. Inset and Bevel are great, my favorite, Ctrl + [R] with mouse wheel to add multiple loops and then slide them in an expanse of edges like the length of an arm or leg. I found that by mistake! Oh Blender! You’re so fun.


I think that looks fantastic :smiley:
Sort of just out of curiosity here but, would you say that you prefer sculpting over modeling?

And also i like the hair you have on that image on the right, it kind of reminds me of another hair tutorial i saw once (The style wasn’t much what i like but it seems closer to what you have there)
It’s actually a David Ward Tutorial, I don’t know if you’ve seen much of his stuff or not : P

Just a suggestion obviously, it’s entirely up to you :slight_smile:
I just know you sounded like you were unsure about the hair you were making.
The hair i’m doing has more of the anime sort of style with lots of strands and sharp edges, where as if you like the hair you have on your model there, it is more of a sculpted look of hair where the strands aren’t particularly evident but the hair as a whole resembles sort of a clay like feel to it like in some claymation movies or something of the sort :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you planning to make some sort of animations with these models aswell? : )

I think i’ll separate that post^ from this little update. for organization’s sake.

Recently i have connected the hands to the arms and the head to the shoulders :slight_smile:
I had made a post on the moddeling forum asking for some help because i was really having trouble… What with the Arm having 16 vertices in a loop, and the hand had 19. They gave me a really neat demonstration of how to alter a mesh to remove 1 vertex and how to remove 2. So i had to use a conjunction of the 2 to accomplish the task.

I had somehow ended up at 3Am with this. I was so proud that i got it done with no Triangles :slight_smile:
However this morning someone pointed out to me that there is an N-Gon in there :frowning:
On the top right of what is selected there is a smaller square that creates a 5th vertex for the adjacent face.

I ended up dismissing the problem because there is no triangles so it can still subdivide well, and the Ngon is placed on the arm in a section that will not be deforming with a rig. So i’m hoping that there will be no trouble with it then.
They say in the tutorials to keep quads unless you absolutely have to use a ngon or Triangle but only use those if you know how to do it right. Or something along those words.

They never said what was the right moment to have them but this was just my assumption.

Then by also using a David Ward tutorial i created the inside of the mouth and some teeth.

However i’m wondering if… the teeth are perhaps too realistic for this character. I know they aren’t overly realistic as it is but i still feel like i should ask. Perhaps i’ll go back to some of the anime shows i’ve been watching lately or even look back at RWBY and see how the teeth look in those.

Oh no! Not the popsicle stick teeth! :smiley:

I like that anime teeth are mostly just a white band with Eye Teeth and visible molars when they yell. Even when the teeth are just the idea of teeth (as white bands) they should overbite right like yours do there on the right.

I found a kind of gruesome look at kids teeth by way of cutaway showing what our characters would have plus the teeth waiting to strike. I never thought about how icky this was. In that model, the top teeth don’t overlap very much but check some x ray images. Although your characters don’t have the lip roll mine have, keep some space between the lip edges and teeth to portray depth and not accidentally get a paper-thin smile result.

I like the game you present of connecting loops! I saw the 5-sided before I read it. Bummer about that; I’ll napkin sketch something to meet the challenge but if you’re going with it, go good!


I was just finishing up white bands for teeth actually :smiley:

but what you mention there about seeing more of the details when they are yelling is a very good point!
I remember back when i was into minecraft animations… there was a model of a zombie that i did that had a shape key for a “Extra scary face.” When i turned on the shape key he would get red beady eyes in the blackness of his eye sockets, the mouth would open up even further and his teeth would get larger in some places making his mouth look more uneven and gross/scary.

If i add in geometry for it, i could do a similar thing with these teeth so that if my characters get to that point i can give extra detail to the teeth by just the flip of a shapekey :smiley:
Brilliant ^-^

Update time! :slight_smile:

I have been working on Face rigs :wink:

I’m wondering though if i want to use the… head of the male as a base for the female head to avoid resculpting and retopology for a head with a lighter jawline, pointier chin, a smaller/pointier nose, and eyelashes. I’m afraid though that because the face rig is controlled through shape keys, i will have to redo all of my shape keys on a head that is that different. It’s different enough to make the Shape keys fail (Although i really should test that before making that statement) and not different enough to start from scratch. And if it does work, i wonder if i should wait until i have the face rigged up or not to duplicate it over for a female. Meh, trial and error i guess.

Anyway, :stuck_out_tongue: Been workin’ on a face rig :slight_smile:

The actual rig isn’t set up and i’m just making faces with the shape keys themselves ( which i must say is actually very fun to do! xD )
I have a shape key for “Extreme mouth” which you can see in the creepy demonic one on the top right (and that’s only like 65% turned on.) That one i don’t think i will use too often, however a 1-10% on other faces gives a nice touch. The 100% of it could be a little refined though lol. Weird stuff happens like his mouth is trying to jump off his face. I probably need to puff out the cheeks and bring the chin way back on it.

Aside from that i seem to be having difficulties with winks. Looking at some images i see that a wink is almost your brow meeting with the very top of the cheek. The real problem is that with shape keys, they don’t like follow a curve. To make the eyes even blink i have to use 2 shape keys to split the motion into 2 parts or else the eye will close straight down and not over the eye.
Then i think i should add some loops to the tongue’s typology and work on it’s shape keys a bit more.

lets see… then lastly i want to redo the fullness of the hair still and test it with the soft bodies sort of thing. Setting up shape key drivers for the hair could actually be possible, but would lead to increased frustration in the future for that every character would have to have their hair rigged up. (I wont stay to fearful of that though cause there’s a good possibility i might have to do that because the soft bodies may work but lack a sense of refined control)

I think the pupils in the eyes bug me. Not happy with them s:
They don’t seem… ‘anime’ enough to me :confused:

Oh, i’m up to 39 Shape keys by the way^

I learned you can’t transfer shapekeys over. Tried it many different ways and well… Their head always explodes s:

But hey!
We have a new adition to the project.

I gave her a sharper chin, gave her eyelashes, sharper nose, made her smaller and more petite. Kinda guessed on the body proportions s: She also has slightly longer finger nails, her hand is smaller and scaled a little bit along the Y axis if you consider that the front view shows the front of the character. Or that the Front view is looking in the direction of the Y axis.
Not really feelin’ it today so it might need a rework.

I added alot of strands for her hair but… As a female base character it’s fine. But for the character i had in mind while making the hair… i wasn’t happy with it :confused:

Her clothes probably need a rework too. I was trying to make a certain outfit from that game i mentioned earlier. Not picture perfect but… From memory it just doesn’t have enough detail.

In regards to Comment #18, shape keys ARE a lot of fun, I totally agree. I always test my Blinks, winks and smiles before getting fully under way. Have you learned that the 0.0 to 1.0 slider can be edited to go farther in either direction? So a Shape Key set fully at one can be doubled if you highlight and type 2.0 and also a Blink, for example, can become frightened eyes by setting the 0.0 to -1.0 Two for one!

The Blink - My foolproof method (if the mesh is good): In Edit mode, select a piece of the eye, then Ctrl + L to fully select that Mesh Island. Shift + S to Center to Selected. Now the 3D Cursor is there. [.] period/full stop/dot to lock the transform gizmo to that spot. Now right-click select edges or vertices of the upper lid de-selecting the eye simultaneously. The gizmo stays put. (This process took me months to establish by the way - it’s why I ALWAYS start a head with the eyes.)

Con’t: Rotate on the axis that crosses through both eyes (X for me). Only so-so? Activate Connected Proportional Editing with Alt + O and Rotate again using the mouse wheel to adjust the falloff. IF your eyeball is round, the lid will rotate flawlessly around it not dropping straight down. In animations where 30 people work tirelessly on a fish like Nemo, you can begin round and then, with a cage modifier (I think) add a cartoon distortion that elongates the eyeball and lid.

That 3D Cursor: Grab a quick image of major muscles of the face. You and I both probably have a vertex situated somewhere near a “real” ligament where muscle is connected. For a smirk, a little muscle pulls from the cheekbone - select a corresponding vertex on the cheek bone, Shift + S to put the 3D cursor there. With Alt + O enabled, right-click select some lip vertices at the corner of the smirk. Scale with the gizmo at the 3D Cursor. Almost immediately I get the first part of a good smirk with the cheek moving right, etc. So I’m saying, move that 3D Cursor around constantly and let it help you get around curves, move in arcs and stuff acting as the end of a contracting muscle!

(That’s long, hope you didn’t already know some of that!) Your expressions are great as they are by the way!

Your anime eyes, in my opinion, fall short because of the ridges you’ve built into the geometry. I do that too but your style might benefit from smoothing those vertices back out fully and putting a gradient in the Iris - dark to light from top to bottom. It fakes the shading from overhead lighting but please don’t bake in shiny highlights/specular reflections! There’s a Material setup for that.

Are you ready to draw those desired details on the clothing? You did the hair material great! It’s really holding up, but can we Make Seams in some Edges on the clothing and texture it? Pockets, laces, buttons, fabric texture of leather, silk and cotton are all waiting for you! And Rigify! Oh my gosh, you’ll be so happy gesturing and picking noses and pulling the mouth out with fingers!