My first toon.


Normally I spent countless hours toiling over some ultra-detailed model, get burned out / bored with it, and thus I have an extensive library of unfinished projects. Over the weekend, I just started fooling around with something cartoonish that would finish rendering before retirement. :wink:

What results is a highly tasteless, and poorly-animated tribute to Don Hertzfeld.  It's pretty safe to say that it qualifies as NSFW.  I'm just playing around a bit, not looking for any accolades, but there are a few things on this I'd like to add.   The facial expressions / eye movement I just put together a few minutes ago, and is far from a finished draft.   I'm looking for some ideas on a couple of points though:
  • I’d like to see more splash in the er… fluid, when it hits the ‘ground’ or the surface of the existing fluid. I’ve tried cranking the inflow velocity way up in the negative Z direction, which has the desired effect of a higher-pressured spray (more fluid in less time), but there’s no upward / outward spatter when it makes contact with another surface. The real-world size is roughly accurate, considering it’s not a real-world scene. I’ve tried tweaking various aspects of the obstacle in play, and I can’t seem to create even a small upward splash, let alone the illusion of a high-pressure jet spattering against a surface. I suspect I’m missing something.

  • Second, if anyone has actually seen the cartoon this refers to (“Don Hertzfeld - Rejected”, I’m sure it’s YouTubable), you’ll see that the cloud character’s outline wiggles, and does not maintain a constant shape, since each cell of the hand-drawn animation is a bit different from the last. I’ve been experimenting a bit, but I wonder if anyone has any ideas on how to capture that ‘feel’. Some ridiculously complex shape-keying is the only thing I can think of, but I have a fuzzy idea somewhere that maybe an animated displacement texture of some kind would capture it.

Here’s the youtube link to the animation:

Of course, please feel free to drive me away with torches and pitchforks for my utter absence of taste :slight_smile:

Nasty condition. I hate it when that happens. :^)

Amen brother!

O, and this animation is good, funny too haha.