My first traditional art

Hi guys!
I thought I can try out this “traditional art” thing,I am a bit stuck with Blender,no inspiration at all:no:.Maybe I will draw something cool(eventually) and then I will want to model it!
So here are some tries,the process for them was:
-pencil sketch
-photoshop cleanup
-photoshop colouring
BTW,the photoshop trial is expiring soon,so I’m gonna buy Painter,it is a lot cheaper than PS.
Hope you like my work,if you want more just tell me!


I like your pictures :smiley:

You could download MyPaint which costs 0$ cuz it’s open source! And if you want general image editing features (like in photoshop) use the GIMP which is also 0$.

I really like your pictures.

I’m glad you like my pictures!I will try Mypaint and see what I can do with it!

I tested MyPaint for a few minutes,and I really like it!Altough it doesn’t quite match up to Painter in simulating natural media,it is much better for sketching because of the simple interface.It will be perfect for my tablet pc!(my tabled hasn’t got the power to run Painter normally).BTW,I will try something mechanical tomorrow if I’ll have some time.

Whoa whoa…like a mech/robot dude? Yikes can’t wait!

Also you might want to try a program called Alchemy. 0$ also. It’s used for creating messy random “chaos” sketches. And it’s totally made for tablets.

Here’s something I made with Alchemy, then used MyPaint to finish it with color: -->

that claw is pretty awesome! Now you just need to make a body for it! I guess I can try out Alchemy installing it right now! The mechanical thing will most likely be a spaceship or something cuz I want to try perspective,robot guys later!

Sweetness. Can’t wait.

Here is a car sketch:

nice work clewer, I espeically like the characters you painted. if you still looking for painting software try out artrage its only about $25 and the easiest to learn natural painting software there is plus it way more feature rich than mypaint but not to the extent of painter. On the FOSS side of things GIMP is pretty good esp. gimp for painters which has a better brush than the standard GIMP.

Hello, my name is rusel. I have been experimenting with my art skills. My talent has improved over the years, for I draw and paint whenever I have free time, which increases my speed and efficiency of painting almost every day. I can paint alot of things by request, from a small picture of referance.

So in the last few months I’ve been working mostly traditionally rather than digitally,here are some of my drawings:

I will keep this thread updated as regularly as possible.


Nice characters

Is that relevant? Trying to advertise yourself, lame. But I like you drawings Clewer!

Awesome characters!

@rvngizswt - about ur location, is that from the riply’s believe it or not? I read that in there.

Nice concept art. Good characters are so important for good models.

Thanks for all of your comments,more on the way!
You know what is interesting?I post much more on,and there are much more people there since it is almost the only major 2D art forum on the net,and I have to post like 3-4 comments full of artwork to get a reply,while here I post only one and instantly get 4 comments!(not to mention that on CA,there are usually hundreds of people watching the sketchbook threads all over the day).Well,that is why I love this “little” community.While on a very big forum,only the best get decent feedback,but here everyone gets the attention.Go Blenderartists!
BTW,if you want to check my CA sketchbook,just click on the link,there is a lot more work by me there:


Okay,this thread was updated a loooooooooooooooooong time ago,I figured I might upload some new stuff for the fellow Blender community!These still suck,but at least I am improving:

BTW I am working as a concept artist at Vertalex Studios,I’ll update you with some info about the game as soon as I can!


Didn’t fit in the last post


Try more mechanical things , combingin spheres > cubes > cones , learn more lighting on them ,then go to organic modeling. Right now you are god at drawing mechanical things and you must go more in to it. Don`t mess with your brains let them guide you. :wink:

5*'s from me. I am quite mesmorised with the futuristic bridge scene. The choice of colours, and warmth of the light is perfect!