My first true animation ever

Go ahead and laugh, but I am a total noob at animation, this is my first true animation, as I finally learned lots about it.

Car is going fast and slows down and turns, and then starts speeding up again.

Hey at least it’s smooth!

Not bad!

Obviously (there’s not really any need to say it) the scene is not well made up, but since it’s just something simple and a first, it’s ok.

Thanks, yeah really basic, but proud of myself that I was actually able to do an animation without bugs. Now I am going to go for about a 20 second one with harder stuff.

Gratulations for your first animation.

Thas really good for a first animation. I would recomend doing the bouncing ball tutorial on ch cookie and also reading “the animator’s survival kit” by richard wilson. BUt for a starter animation its really good. Well done.

But you might have been able to do a better job at the turn…

Really good for a beginner.

Very well done. my first animations were absolute FAILS!! but I am not going to laugh at the fact that you are starting somewhere. If you want to learn more about animating along paths like the one you just did, try looking up tutorials on path curves like this one

not bad.
it turns fast.

good for you!! nice job for a first.

Thank you everyone! all the positive comments made my day, and helps motivate me to improve!