My first try an Noir Style

Title says it all. I tried for a Crime Noir type of scheme and I think I got close but there is something missing…
Let me know if you can spot it :slight_smile: (I intentionally colored it rough… wanted an uneasy energetic feel)

Hmm… guess Noir isn’t wel liked…

All the same… Here’s Noir attempt 2… The Fat Lady… NOIR!

i really like the 1st one…just the style of it looking like it was scratched…I wish i had this skill and i wish i knew how to do it!

Great job 5 stars from me!

Thanks Lilgrudgeboy.
While I can’t really tell you how to draw a person… I can give you a feeling of how I achieved that look. First off… I have a tablet…
All of my line work was done in Photoshop Elements V1 using a standard brush. I started at 2k dpi, though I probably could have gone to 1k on this image…
I roughed in the shape and made adjustments using brush and move tools. That was followed by a shading pass. After that I did a color pass for the shirt. I basically tried to use the shading that was already their (I should have just done a layer and multiplied it down). After all of this was done I multiplied that down to a layer with a white cutout shape barely larger than the guy.
On top of all of this I created yet another layer. I took the pencil tool and did some hatching… going back with the eraser afterwards to give the areas a more definite shape.
I then tweaked the muscles and shadows… and did a burn tool pass to add some depth to the shirt, pants, and shoes.

I like the look but I realize it needs work if I’m going to adopt it as a “style”. I’m hoping to transition from 3d to comics or at least combine the two… and I want to try Noir before I decide if I like it enough to start drawing in it.

Thanks again for your compliments… I will gladly answer any questions you might have about this or anything else.

EDIT: Oh and If you’re going to try this style… get a reference photo… at least for lighting… I didn’t and I think it hurt the final image.

Thank you…Ill will try to get something done when i get a Tablet…(next 2weeks i hope!)…Ill try to do it in GIMP…
Thank you