My First try in animation :) :) :)

Have Fun!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

…and don’t you feel proud?

I know I did on my first try. Well done, you’re on the way to creating characters with real emotion.

Good work.

I think it’s cool.

That’s so cute ^_^. His first animation.

You’re doing good. I bet within a year you will be one of the better 3d guys here, if you keep the same pace.

Much Thanks to Gmanx,Xakh and Bigbad for words!!!:slight_smile: Boys i start look for all manner of Blender information,and hours after hours i discovery so much interestingly information all kind for Blender.I am really happy,that all around the world people support others people,HELP them,encouragement them.:slight_smile: Thats GREAT boys!
Only God,know what will be after one year:rolleyes: .