My first try

Hi !

This is my first try !

Your opinion interest me.

Thank you.

very nice dude, can i buy one :P.

real cool modeling here: topology seems to be very clean, like to see a wireframe if available

windscreen and headlights need to be worked on, though. Keep up the goodwork.

BTW, did you model the logo or is it col/bump mapping?

Welcome on Elysiun :slight_smile:

Nice model.

I drove a “Spider” recently :<. In Project Gotham Racing 2, though. :smiley:

thats a cool game, nufin will beat burnout 3 tho :stuck_out_tongue: , ive never been able to model cars for a any good tuts?

very nice, mapping on the lamps is off.


Try tutorials available at this link