My first try...

Hello, I give to you my first expérience of modelling with blender. I start Blender a week ago, so please, be nice with me:p.

Go to -->

I want animate, but I don’t know who to do that.

What you think about?

Sorry for my English, I’m French:D


C’est tres bien, pour la premiere fois. Pour animation, voir: Introduction_to_Character_Animation

Thanks for your reply Orinoco and your councils.

Merci pour ta réponse et tes conseils Orinoco.

Edit : Very good link! Thanks a lot

Blender crashes when I try a subsurf on my plane

It should not do that. Perhaps your copy of blender did not download properly? Try a reinstall.

I’ve already try that :’( . I have try the zip file, the exe file, i have uninstall(?) Blender in Control Panel, clear all Blender’s register Keys, but always the same bug. I’ve try Blender on Linux, that works, but I have not Internet on Linux, so I can’t view a tutorial without Internet.

Thanks for your post. I know it’s boring to help a newbie and I’m sorry!

Subsurfing increases the memory requirements. Perhaps you don’t have enough ram on your system, or windows is not allocating it properly?