My first tutorial result

I spent a few weeks studying 3D printing technologies and became obsessed with them. I decided that because I don’t have a 3D printer, it would still be useful to learn how to model 3D objects, so I researched what was available for free and I downloaded Blender about ten days ago. I got a little hung up on the Ginger Bread man tutorial because some of the screens weren’t from v. 2.66a., and I am totally new at this. Then I found the animated shark tutorial, and then I saw what I it was that I was missing. The poor guy lost one of his eyes during a feeding frenzy, but here he is…

Not bad for a first tut. You can manipulate the camera lens so that the model doesn’t disappear in the background. Good job :slight_smile:

Increase the limit on the camera.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve moved on to other tutorials, after modeling my own shark by following that tutorial. I’m learning all the time, and I’ve modelled the Rocket Steam Locomotive, even perfecting some of the minor details - like lining up the piston rod and the connecting rod the way they should be lined up, and combining the chain links that connect the car to the engine more realistically. Here’s the final rendering, with detail. I intend to use it in an animated short.