My First Tutorial - Spherical EnvMaps! (Revised May 15/02)


Hey gang! Bapsis asked for some help on creating EnvMaps, so I decided to make a tutorial. This is a basic one, intended for the Blender rookie. So it is layed out fairly basic and with good instructional steps, (I hope :wink: ).

It is in PDF format and can be downloaded via this link: (copy and paste the link)

I hope it helps all you new guys out and I hope that all you Blender Guru’s, (you know who you are), can take a look and let me know if I missed anything.


Thanks for helping us newbies out BgDM, both with your tutorial and your help online. I, being the newbie that I am, will probably try your tutorial out this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes :P.


I will do this tutor. I hadd always troubles with this.

Hey Vidigiani. Your welcome. I am still somewhat of a newbie myself. Only been doing this for about a year now :slight_smile: .

Yeah, try it out and let me know. BTW - evrything you need to make the reflection in you glasses is in this tute as well. Just apply the empty to the glass texture and away you go.


That was very useful.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you so much, i just woke up this morning (ok, afternoon 'cause it was almost 2 hehe) and i had a very pleasent suprise at Elysiun. Your tute came just in time too, i just modeled the gun for my chick last night and the metal for the barrel and some of the other peices was ugly ugly UGLY. Thanks for taking the time to share, i know myself and many other newbie punks will get some very good useage out of it. Good on you BgDM, your a legend!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Good on you BgDM, your a legend!!!

hmm… A legend,eh?! Well no. Not really. But thanks anyway.

Thanks for the comments everyone. As I said, jsut drop me a line if you have any problems with it. I am sure that I can probably help, or someone else here will. :smiley:


OK. I guess I am a legend, (according to my wife anyway :wink: )

You are a newbie??? Tks, tks :smiley:

Nice tutorial, very clear and detailed. If you
really need some pedantic comments read below :slight_smile:


Pedantic comments

Page 1 ‘Setting up the scene: Adding lights’ paragraph: ‘Smotth’ is spelled wrongly

Page 2 ‘Setting up the envmap’ paragrap: The ClipEnd of the envmap should actually be placed as far as needed, so 200 is fairly arbitrary… since you didn’t specified the size of the outher sphere :smiley:

Then the CubeRes 1000 is already the maximum possible!! If you tell them to set it a 1000 and then tell then that ‘the higer it is the better’ they may try to put it even higer (and won’t succeede…)

Page 3 ‘Note’: EHI!!! You are cheating :slight_smile: why did you placed a wonderful image and say ‘that this is not done as I taught you to do’???

hmm… A legend,eh?! Well no. Not really. But thanks anyway.

:wink: Haha!!! Saying '“your a legend” as a compliment when someone does something nice for you is something i picked up while living in Sydney, Australia, so blame them for the funny talk not me, hehehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Stefano Wrote:

Page 3 ‘Note’: EHI!!! You are cheating why did you placed a wonderful image and say ‘that this is not done as I taught you to do’???

Yeah, I know. I will revise the end with a note showing my settings for the final image. Thought about that after I posted it.

Did not know that 1000 was the max for CubeRes. See, still a newbie :smiley: .

Thanks for looking and for the comments. Appreciated. Especially from a master such as yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:


OK. Version 1.1 of thw tute is now out. Same link as at the top:

Additions Made (per S68 recommedation):

Added my Material, Texture and HSV settings to show how I obtained the final image in the tute.

You will need to play with all of those settings to get what you want out of your reflection. Just keep playing with the values and see what you get :smiley:

Thanks for all your comments. Now lets flood the “I Made This” section with envmap pictures :wink:


Here’s mine…

:smiley: :smiley:

BTW I haven’t placed the plane… and reflections is nice all over the sphere, no artifacts… How did I textured the outher sphere?

It’s a technique which may be trivial but I haven’t found referenced anywhere…

It is not UV. It is made in Terragen, with trivial PSP editing (no streches/deformations as for planetary maps, which are cylindrical projections).

How I did it :smiley: ?


(Try to

Nice one Stefano!

As far as how you did it, not sure. Give us the info, (/me drools in anticipation)

Here’s a new one from me:

Keep posting those envmap images!



Your chrome is better than mine :slight_smile:

The problem is that your reflection (this and the one in the Tut) seems to reflect what is behind the sphere, and not behind the observer…

I mean,

In yours you see a smaller, distorted version of the environment! While the sphere should reflect at its center what is behind the observer (camera!)

In mine you clearly see a completely different landscape in the center and then, as you go towards the sphere sife you start to recognize tha landscape at the sides :slight_smile:


I used NO lamps at all, blender file has 2 spheres, 1 texture, 1 camera :stuck_out_tongue:

Should we exchange .blend?


Stefano: would love to see the .blend file :o !

I see wgat you mean about the image. Makes it look that much better.

I can put mine up for DL, from the tute (stupid me didn’t save the one from above :frowning: ).


PS: no, your chrome is better than mine

Nicely done! I’ve been expermenting with QuickTime for making tutorials, but so far all’s I’ve come up with is very big .mov files with lousy resolution. It looks like the .pdf format may be the way to go. All of my old tutorials were made with ViewletBuilder, while easy to make a good tutorial they were slow to load and view.
My old tutorials are on my old website (no longer maintained but still usable)

VelikM, pdf is very easy to use and quick to make the file. Just need to take any WS word doc, etc. and print to the Adobe distiller program. Then bang, you got a pdf file. Just about anyone can use a pdf file as well. Not many like tho mov format as you said, big files and lousy resolution.


good tute!overall the basics are there.the spec.and hard settings
could be higher,you can also add a black color and use add,the most
important thing is the col. slider this will give you a realistic reflection,
especially if you are using a base glad to see you didnt leave
out the clip sta and end settings,also cube res,very important!
i wish i could explain my own method,wich is similar,the little tweaks
make the chrome! nice tute!!