My first upload

This is my first upload and I would like to have feedback. Didn’t take too long, and was lots of fun. Here is my chess board.

Not too bad! :slight_smile: The chess pieces look really glossy, and the base of the board might go better with some texture added… Perhaps you can change the setting from a kitchen/bathroomy looking floor to a table outside, it might help make it more realistic. . . It looks awesome for a first upload though! Did you model the chess pieces yourself? How did you go about creating the board and all that?

I totally agree with the feedback. I didn’t care for the scenery, and wanted to emphasize the board and pieces. I did model the pieces myself, and still have a lot to learn about modeling, as I found things quite repetitious at times. When creating the board I just changed the material of each alternating square instead of using a texture. The boarder was just an, “extrude, move, and scale” type thing. If you read this: Sorry for not replying quickly.