my first uv mapped model

hi everybody!
so, this is my firsty uv mapped model… I want to know what you think about it and please say any C &C!!

and an ohter one

sorry for my poor english %|

give it a helllike background and we’ll see…it’s pretty good as an effect for a game…but not much more that that…(a good effect thought)

yeah I add a helllike background. but I had few questions about uv mapping,
1- when I want to map the neck of my monster, the texture I aply on it don’T appear on the surface but inside his neck! I don’t want this!
2- can I had specularity map, bump map ,etc to my model?
hum its that for now… anser me fast!

1: Maybe you have to recalculate your normals? I’ve never actually had this happen, but I’m guessing. (Enter Edit mode, select all, press, Ctrl-N. usually gets everything right on the first try. sometimes more complicated meshes, have to be done manually in places).

2: Yeah, I think you just do it in the materials settings, i.e. add a material to your mesh and it will have the spec, etc... of the material, and the colours of the image map. make sure you press the TexFace button.

ok, I set the problem for my first question…it was not in my model normals, I just reload the texture and it was ok lol! And I can add bump,spec or other map. but I still have a question,
it is possible to be precise while vertex painting??? thnaks for all and ere an other picture of my monster :wink:

hmm I dont know if you are there but humm here is a progression of my work :stuck_out_tongue:

so, at first, I tried to make arms but I find that to dificult so I make 2 cutted arm lol and now I will attacked the legs so bye!!