My first uv textured thing

Hi okay this is my first post ever im 16 names edward new to the forms and blender. I’ve been messing with blender for like 3 days now lol I’ve only done a few tutorials such as some ginger bread one and a apple one and also i modled a glass cup simple things, and then i came across a neat tut on uv mapping i was looking for car pics online got some nice ones i wanna model a chevy bellaire prolly out of my league but owell imma try lol i made the tire juss to see if i can get the uv tex to work and it came out okay…

I got the texure thing kinda i did this all in like 1:30 mins from meshing to texin so its not perfect. here it is i think i got this picture thing down lets see if this works

okay i hope it works oh and heres a question for all you proguys. I tried to render it using cameras and what not but it shows up grey and untexed. Is it possible to use uv mapping and render it?

Hey I just looked at that pic its really small sry heres some lager ones

Actually pic i used to modle n all

Heres the tire in blender.

Why Bitmap ? try png or jpg (or gif)…

SMACK No bitmaps… now go to your room and think about posting jpegs next time.

ummmm okay can u tell me why no bitmaps ? i can easly change it if needed juss that is the way i saved the pic and so i juss upped it to the site in that format… please tell me why no bitmaps and i will gladly change it

but if u guys cant see it i dont think i wanna change it to where you guys can lol it looks so sry compared to you pros <:\

Because they’re too big, with jpeg’s you can compress them, takes less time to load.



About rendering with UV maps, after you have done the UV map calculations:

Add a material to the object
in the material buttons you will find a button called “texface” hit that

That button makes blender use the UV assigned texture as the info for te colour and so on.


after reading what mystery00 put (btw thnx for the info on rendering deal) this is what i came up with here are the pics in jpeg format still kinda bad but i’d have to say not all to bad for my frist model and uv map solo. This was for my first project that i wanted to make my hopes were a chevy bellaire but… im still not used to modeling and stuff and a whole car seemed to complex for me right now i started and got angry lol i couldn’t get these bumps off the side so i juss made my mind up to start with something easier…

heres the actual tire/pic i used for uv mapping and modeling

and here are 2 pics of my model (2 pics)

…and for those of you who care heres a pic of my started bellaire car but aint gonna get finished till i learn more about this blender program