My First VFX shortfilm using Blender!

Hi there!
Just finished my first VFX shortfilm in which I heavily relied on Blender :slight_smile:

Blender was used for the rigging, animation, texturing, layout, lighting, tracking and rendering of the scenes. Creature assets were bought in Turbosquid to have a starting point.
Compositing was then made in Nukex.
Editing and coloring was made in Davinci Resolve.

This project was a great exercise to test my VFX pipeline and learn how to optimize the workflow, in the end Blender met all my expectations for a solid 3D package.

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Here are some before and afters:

Even tho Iā€™m not rendering the buildings per se, I still wanted to do a layout to have proper scale and use them as shadow catchers and holdouts.

Animating an octopus is not as easy as I thought. XD

I heavily relied on particle systems for the fishes, using forces such as wind, turbulence and vortex.

Used cloth simulations to get a neat movement on the medusa guys!

Thanks for watching!!!