MY FIRST VID! (update at bottom of page)

I Finally did it!!! here’s the URL to my quickie test lizard movie :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Currently I’m also working on making a 3 or 5 horned dragon, using the same method as the lizard, I gotta admit, after having read through all the tutorials, I’ve improved.

UPDATE2: being a college student, I got access to the 3d design computers that I will hopefully use one of these semesters. They had 3ds Max 6 (educational edition) and, I hate to say this, but after like 5 minutes. I thought… This sucks!!! I ended up begging for a comman that was at least somewhat similar to blender. 20 mins passed and I ended up getting frustrated. the only thing I could do well was choose from the programs library of pre-made trees and I thought, this sucks even worse! are you telling me that proffesional programmers who use 3ds max are just that damn lazy to make their own trees, they need the program to do it? (mind you, I don’t mean to offend any animators here who use 3ds max… I just feel that with those options, I feel like the program isn’t really encouraging me to learn and be creative) Sorry if I offended any 3ds max users out there, I just feel that paying 3000 dollars on a program that, to begin with, you could get for free (in the guise of blender) and has not only all the options of 3ds max, but it has extra features as well… sorry but I’d rather go with blender. Blender rocks! and I hope that it will remain a free software till the end of time, especially for people like me who wish to do animation, but don’t have the money to pay for it.

anywho. here’s the same link, only in orange so you can click on it, in case the URL above doesn’t work.

Link doesn’t work for me. :frowning:

does anyone else experience this? I think it might be that the link doesn’t work because I used Divx as a codec, and I noticed with another computer that it won’t work unless you have Divx to see it (I don’t know why though)

If anyone else experiences difficulty and it’s not because of Divx, please let me know, I’ll post at least a pic URL to make it easier for everyone to see.

Other than that, any comments? criticism? criticism is appreciated as long as it’s constructive criticism and not bashing.

I’m pretty proud of this one simply because it’s the first movie I did without having to download a pre-made blender model off the net. Granted the movie might not be the greatest. But I did it all by myself :slight_smile: no need to download anymore star wars ships models here :slight_smile:

No, nothing to do with Divx. The link itself is no working.

Before I couldn’t get anything from teh link, but now I get a Bandwidth Exceeded error.

Same here. Bandwidth exceded. Try to get a better host I guess.

ok, I’m gonna try and get a JPG pic instead then, sorry I can’t show you the lizard actually moving it’s head and tail

yep, same here - link is dead.

you’ll need some more time to master max, a good hint is to have a look at the reference and the tutorials that come with it :slight_smile:

Ok, since I couldn’t really find the original lizard.blend file so I could take a snapshot. Here’s a more recent pic of a project I’m working on right now. It’s a 5 horned dragon head (for now) but the body will soon follow, once I find some time out of my crazy school schedule… enjoy :slight_smile:

P.S. I know it may not look like much, but believe me, though the lizard anim moved pretty decently, the dang thing was still pretty square, it didn’t look like a real lizard. Technically this is my second attempt at trying to do something organic, and believe me, the improvement is there. When I find the lizard.blend file, I’ll post it so you can make the comparison.

Here it is

UPDATE: ok, the lizzy pic is up in my album too so you can compare the two. Granted, the lizzy pic looks better cuze of the background, sand, rocks etc. But trust me, the lizzy itself is very square. I actually did the dragon without horns once, and it actually looks like a velociraptor too lol! anywho… I invite any constructive criticisms. I hope you like it, I think I’ve improved with the dragon, I tried to give it a more organic feel to it.

On a side note, if you have some time, take a look at this disturbing article about the “future” of people like us who wish to pursue our dreams.

It pretty much is saying we should give up our “hopeless dreams” and get a much more “realistic” job, like becoming a mechanic, or a manager at a convenience store… Oh sure, they encourage people owning their own businesses… as long as you don’t try and come up with an innovative product… Rather, why not try soemthing different and COPY another successful business… I was so increasingly upset by this article… not only that, but it was suggesting that rather than us encouraging our kids to also try and follow their passion for a career, that we should encourage them to get more “realistic” jobs… I’m thinking what the hell??? so this guy is saying that all of us who are going into the art field, (whether it’s acting, painting, animation, or anything that involves creative thinking) should “get real” and settle for a business type job. Not only that, but, leave your creative thinking cap at home, don’t come up with any new ideas for products. Leave it at home and only as a hobby… Well Mr. Author of this sad sad article… I say FUCK YOU and the horse you rode in on! Just because he’s too much of a wuss to even try and get a job that involves art simply because “It’s too crowded! too many people want the same job and I’m afraid” Well Tough [email protected]#^[email protected]! That’s the whole point of going to college and studying to get into the animation field. To become the best in your craft so that some day we CAN become animators, actors, painters etc. Not only that, but heck, I already have plans of someday making my own animation company! My Fiance wants to get her own thater company, which will most likely be worse, because there’ll be even MORE COMPETITION. So to all of you in here, I ENCOURAGE YOU to keep doing what you love to do, I encourage you to keep BLENDERING, so we can show jack asses like the author of this article that WE CAN get our dream job! That creativity should not be left at work, but following you EVERYWHERE!

Is anyone having problem going into the new link? its supposed to be a link to the album itself, plus, I’m using JPG files, so they should show. If anyone is having trouble, please let me know

ok, you’re upset, but no need to flood the forum twice with that. and, really, this is extremely off-topic. better drop the author a mail and tell him he’s a jerk, stupid, anything

ok, sorry about that, I’ll stop… I wish I could’ve e-mailed him, but no e-mail was available, it was an article taken from a forbes magazine or some such thing. But returning to the main topic, did any of you have any trouble getting into the new link? Here it is again if you didn’t find it amongst the replies.

Once again, the lizard pic is my first finished project which I did like 3 weeks ago, ever since I tried to do a human head, stopped that one for a bit, and currently I am working on the dragon character that you’ll see on the website. I’m trying to give it a more organic feel than the lizard (since the lizard really looks kinda square-ish. What do you think? comments? criticism? (constructive criticism I mean :slight_smile: I’m trying to really learn to get the hang of blender.)

also, when the head and body is done, I might borrow a set from Shrek, recreate it in blender and see if I can animate it a bit. I found that some of the scenery can be easily recreated even at my level (I don’t have high esteem lol!) some of the moss that sits on top of rocks in the movie look like nothing more than a mesh (cube or plane) just subdivided, sub surfed and “noised”

ok, constructive criticism: indeed, as you figured out already, both forms are way too squarish. i don’t know how you model, but it might be a good idea to have a look at some modelling tutorials and head topology in general just to get the feeling of how faces can be laid out. i have no direct links, but simply search the web. also look at non blender specific tuts, although some tools mentioned there might not be directly available, the way of giving shape is important. visit - it can be very frustrating to see all gurus’ work there, but also inspiring. simly dive into the matter, the more you see, the more you’ll learn and get familiar with good topology and efficient (and good modelling).

back to the dragon: i’d make the mouth area longer and the area between eyes and nostrils “rounder”, i.e. change the cross-section to a more organic shape. also the front (mouth) could be more accented and again rounder, right now it’s too flat.

last suggestion: try to draw what you’d like to model BEFORE you model. this is good for a first vizualisation, and you have something to aim on. a sketch is in many cases very useful.

so, blend on


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Heres his email : [email protected]

Give em hell :wink: