My First Walk Cycle Animation!!!

This is my first walk cycle animation… Enjoy! And let me know what you think! I used NO tutorials, but I downloaded the model, I didn’t make it myself :frowning:

Please leave CONSTRUCTIVE Critique :smiley: Thanks! :smiley:

1)This belongs in the animation forum.

2)Most of the time I’m telling people they need some up/down motion in the hips, but I think you’ve got too much.

3)The vid is 25 seconds long, but only 6 seconds of that is walk cycle.

Steve S

Meant with a friendly and slightly ironc tone: Don’t take so much pride in NOT using references/tutorials. Just use reference and tuturials.That’s what they are made for :slight_smile:

Um, yeah… Too much movement in the hips… Although I personally like that style (makes him look stronger or something) I will change it…

The timing, is because someone else told me that I needed to put my information in the video, with whatever I’m showing…

I did use reference… And I’m not taking pride in not using a tutorial… Just all these people say “No one wants to see how good you can follow instructions!” and I didn’t want that happening again :slight_smile:

I used image reference :wink:

Image reference, how would that help you? Take a video of yourself walking and use that.

I used an image of a walk cycle… helped a great deal… :slight_smile:

err… I want to watch a cycle, not a bunch of text, so you know, I can see a cycle and just loop it.

There’s a hitch it looks like in the cycle. but I wasn’t going to keep clicking to see it. Other wise good job on your first attempt. Get the ‘the Animator’s Survival Kit’ - a hard copy that you can look at while you are working, and something to read in bed.

I’d love too… How much does it cost???


ooo it’s an expanded edition… might have to get another one… and you should see people have also viewed ‘the illusion of life’ at the bottom.

Okay, Thanks! :smiley: