My first walk cycle test

I’ve never really bothered that heavily into animation, not 3d atleast, so I finally decided to do something. I figured, I had to manage atleast the obligatory walk cycle, so I modeled the original Cuby and then modified him a bit to my own liking, here’s my result that I’m fairly pleased with for my first ever attempt with armatures

crits as always are welcome

Wow thats is really cool, is this really your first walkcycle?
anyway nice movement.

yeah, first 3d walk cycle anyways, when i was a kid i used to dabble in 2d flipbook animation, i have an old illustrator guide to 2d animation, it helped a lot, i know there’s still some tweeking to be done in fluidity of movement and sense of weight, but for an hour’s worth of work i don’t find it too horrible

my ultimate goal for atleast the next two months will be to put Cuby and what will be Meta-Cuby into a 3d fight a-la a mimick of the training fight between Morpheus and Neo from the Matrix…just for laughs

Well done: nice movement.
My first (and only ) walk cycle hasnt been that successful !
I can only congratulate you !

Not bad. Some small foot slips I think, hard to tell.

he does kind of clip the floor plane, at the point that i should have fixed it i was tired from not having slept for about 5 days straight and didn’t really care at the moment, lol, i took a 2 hour power nap and haven’t messed with him yet

It’s excellent. If that’s your first one, the final one will be incredible. Cuby getting whooped by Cuby’s Dad! lol