My first wip-ing (ouch!)

Hi all

I thought it was time for me to submit some work in progress, crits, tips and comments welcome :smiley:


updates to office

any problems let me know!


PS: the site is a free webs off the peg design and not my own work, the renders and anims are my work.

There is a Bik animation on your site.
Some of you will remember the days of Smacker; others of you will wonder what the hell I’m talking about.
Get the tools here

Looks great, man. Love the lighting.

Thanks for the comments guys :smiley: .

I am looking into divx encoding which seems to be cross platform friendly.

Modron with the lighting I tried to get the yellow street light look at night, and with the late morning pic, tried to get the light reflected from the carpet.

Blending is a pleasure :smiley:


Updates see first post for link :smiley:

All modeled in Blender by me (even the keys on the keyboard phew) :o :smiley:

real for a “wip-ing” eh? you need to add some textures. your default materials just arent working. looks too fake. make some color and bump maps, and you might start to get there…

Yep already working on the textures as a side project, I am concentrating on the modeling first, one step at a time, as I am still learning Blender.