My first wip

Hello has all
I am new on this forum, and I post so my first wip
I was inspired by the book (THE FANTASY ART)
Your criticisms are the welcomes
Thank you

that’s not bad lieutenant dan : )))

héhéhé ts rulez !

keep on blending

ps try to use the fiber script to make the environment maybe no ?

Hello johan!
L environment is that temporary then I am not it still occupied!
Once my ended creature I would see for l environment
just some reglages of blender

The creature is cool and the texturing is good too.
There is something that’s bothering me about his/her anatomy though.

The upper arms of this beast are huge - like mighty huge. However, the forearms are completely flimsy.

I can’t imagine what this beast could be doing that would develop the upper arms to such a huge degree while leaving the forearms so shrivelled.

Maybe if you could even out the proportion a little more.
It’s a cool pic though.


Looks like it uses it’s legs a lot more often, sort of looks like it’s used like a pack mule.

Very good :slight_smile: I agree with Caleb, perhaps it might look better if you make the arms more like a T-rex, ie. small arms that sorta come out the front instead of the sides like a human. It would basically just mean making the upper arms smaller, shoulders smaller and moving them forward and inwards a bit.

Good stuff nonetheless :slight_smile:

Hello has all and thank you for your constructive critic

For arms I am going to try d to arrange this

Thank you

@+ :wink:

Looks really cool, if you told you was from pixar and creating a sort of dino animation movie, I should believe it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks perfect to me! Not all creatures haved to abide by our coveted anatomy rules (just look at Quake 3’s models…)

Looks very nice! There’s just one thing that I see wrong with it. It seems way too overbalanced on the front. It’s a wonder it’s able to walk on its hind legs without falling forward. It might just be the view, though… Maybe another one could help…? :wink:

But keep it up; the modeling and texturing overall look great! How about eventually animating it? :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree actually, maybe making the chest a bit smaller and the tail a bit thicker (perhaps a tad longer too?) might help.

Still looks cool, hope you animate this guy.

that is sweet man
i really dont think there are enough good creatures on this web site
but you got a really nice one here