My first WIPs.

Well, I finally worked up the courage to put a couple of WIPs up here, (now that the snake doesn’t look like a sock >:D). I’ll admit that I used some subsurf for the snake and I UV mapped the skin on, yes, the skin is blue on purpose. For the PLEW I didn’t use any image textures and made all my own in blender.

 Tell me what you think and what needs improvement.

 And the wire:

 Then the PLEW gun from two different angles:

 Also for the PLEW I was thinking about smoothing (not subsurfing) it, but a bunch of the normals are flipped, and since there are some intentional holes to the inside of the mesh recalculating them doesn't work.  I was going to do it manually, but I forgot where to find the command to draw normals so I can easily see which ones are inside out, and I can't seem to find anywhere that tells how, so could someone tell me how to do that again?

 Thank you very much!

First off, Welcome to BA.
For the snake image, good start, I don’t know why you have to “admit” to using subsurf though, I use it on almost all my models in one way or another.
The image does look a little dark, might try brightening it up a little. (if your monitor isn’t calibrated correctly this can be a pain to do.)
as for making it look less like a “sock” at the head try taking a look at these and see if they are helpful.

As for the “PLEW gun” I haven’t a clue what it is, but it might help if you lightened it up a little, particularly the dark blue of the body, sense it is kinda hard to give suggestions on something that is hard to see.

Hope this is helpful!