My first work: a (yet another) chess set...and questions!


i think you could solve this floating easily through shadows. No shadows equals no (or little) virtual depth.

Looking nice so far.


To model the night you could model half of it, then mirror it and join the mirror with the original and voila! you have your knight.


I suggest you take a picture of the knight exactly face on and set that as a background, then insert a plane, delete 3 of the verts and extrude from the remaning vert using that background pic as a guide. Hope this helps. Good work so far.

yep. thats how i make my models. scaling, extruding, rotating and grabbing are the most important tools to make a model.

I specifically downloaded blender to attempt to create a chess board and pieces for a game I wanted to write (a chess puzzle (not actually chess)).

I’ve only just begun a tutorial on using blender (the one with the ginger bread man) and was wondering:

Are there any tutorials about specifically targetted at creating a chess board and pieces?

P.S. I like what you’ve done in such a short time in blender with the chess scene.

Also, I was going to use something called webtangent to do the coding of a 3d game, but was wondering if a board game is possible in the blender game engine?

Hey Skating Kow how do i use a picture as a background for reference?

view -> background image

the menu is on the 3d window header, and the image is only visible when in the front/right/top/bottom/left/back/camera view in non-perspective mode (except for the camera)

a board game is possible in blender, but you will have to code a lot of it. I don’t think it has been done before, but it shouldn’t be much of an issue to get things working. Each square on the board will have to be its own object so that it can detect when you click on it, and tell whatever is doing the game logic to do its thing.

That is an interesting looking chess piece, maybe I’ll give it a try

Hey looks good so far! A month with blender? You are doing fast.

Keep it up and dont forget to post your progress!


the grooves are quite a challenge, I don’t think a pic would help

I would say that the problem is less making the shape than making that shape that would smooth with subdivision surfaces reasonably

the rest of the knight isn’t a problem, and that is what I succeded in making

I started with a circle and extuded for the main shape, and scaled down at the top. I deleted half (in the front view), and back in object mode created a mirrored duplicate (alt+d: duplicate. s x 1 - [enter] (there is/will be a mirror command in a future release)

the knife tool can be used for creating the flat sides. I cut off a lot and deleted the verts on the side I wanted to remove. I filled the region manually so I could get a reasonable topology [quads, and 4 edged verts wherever possible]. I then extruded the new faces I made, deleted the ones along the center line (where I didn’t want them), if any, and scaled them inwards (manually again, 1 by 1) so as to create a sharper edge around that region.

I did a bunch of adding of new verts and subdividing so as to minimize the increase in detail for when I subdivided the back. Triangles are to be avoided in subsurf meshes.

this is as far as I got:

the two things on the top right are my attempts at finding the shape I would have to make to get the groove

I couldn’t get it to come out how I wanted, not that it isn’t possible.

also, the part on the back where there are two groves next to eachother isn’t possible to entirely make when one half is mirrored, but when the halves are joined it can be made to look that way.

Hey, nice start, and welcome to blender!
For a 3d beginner, you have a very solid understanding of how it all works… geometry, textures, and stuff… I’m sure you will be able to figure out the knight soon.