my first work- critics pls

I started with blender 2.5 two weeks ago, since the community in my city for modeling is inexistant I have to ask You to give me a valuable critic on my model. Im using subsurf modifier and mirror modifier. I was also working after a modeling sheet and everything is alright. Scale model everything, altough i cant seem to find a way to make it look a little more natural. the look im looking for isnt now completley realistic but something more like Surreal. More like serious animes.Note that im preparing this for animation. thank you.


here is another screenshot and the modeling sheet ive been working after


Did you apply the subsurf on the model, because the wire looks crazy dense if there is also a subsurf on top of that, the breasts could be defined with10 times less polys than it is now, it will be pain to tweak(the chest area) :confused:

Yes i did, altough i did it after defining proportions without one. actually i did it to create details, bone structure , nipples, knees an so on, all those little details u cant define without one.
was taht wrong?

the thighs are big, you need to narrow it and give it some shape, also the refs are for a cartoon so there should be more exaggeration to shapes than normal.

true, thank you