My first work: How it was done the ship "Leander"

This is an animation (part of a bigger documentary) that I did on Blender, showing how a venezuelan builder of sailor ships make this model of the ship Leander. The Leander was used by a venezuelan hero, Francisco de Miranda, to make their first attempt to free Venezuela from the Spanish domains at 1806.

The animation have not sound (it will be added by another person).
It can be seen at:

And this is a photo of the real scaled ship:

It was my first work with Blender. It took me about three months, working 2 or 3 hours every day.

Excuse me for my bad english :frowning:

That is one of the COOLEST anims. i have ever seen!

Nothing to criticise, just beautiful. Very well done.

I’d enjoy hearing it with sound as well, but I know no spanish.


Hi Lubrio,

For a first one, your were very ambitious and you should be proud of the result. I can image the huge work behind this anim. Now you may work on the textures and provide us with a great still rendering over the sea.


Very nice animation.



I love those kinds of animations! great work!

Great animation–inspirational. Makes me want to try something historical

Very nice! I like the lighting effects (the beams that shine through the cannon ports) and how everything falls into place.


Lo disfrute mucho. Tienes mucho talento y tu dedicacion sera lo que te hara salir adelante. Cual es el siguiente projecto?

I liked this one! Looks proffesional, i’ve never figure that is someones first movie! Encouraging and frustrating in the same time ;).

Hope you got some financial or other satisfaction for this great work…

Oh no, this is not my first movie in Blender… it’s my first work in the sense that someone paid me for doing this! :wink: My first movie was too amateur :frowning:

Thanks you all for your C&C.

Nice job, even better that you got paid for it! Cool

Wow, very well animated! Did you keyframe everything or was there an easier method? especially when the tops of the ribs came off it looked very randomized and that would’ve been hard to do by hand.

You certainly earned your money, that looks like something I would see on a history channel program. It was a pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing with us.

Very nice indeed. My only criticism is that occasionally the camera movement could be a little smoother (it tends to speed up in between the keyframes - you could try tweaking the IPO curves a little). Educational, too.

Looks amazing. 5 Stars no doubt. Great Work.

That was done at hand :frowning: But I used the Blender “Knife Cut” Python script to cut the tops of the ribs.

PaulJ: yes, other people told me about that problem; I’ll try to do it better in future works.

Thanks to everyone for your comments :slight_smile:

that’s a really cool animation! You should make a ship building documentary :slight_smile:

Very good work, especially the animation which is the result of a big work!

How much thought you put in it is unbeliveable.

Good Job