My first work in Blender (WIP)

Sooo hello all! :smiley:

I’m new to this forum and I’m also kinda new to Blender. I knew about this program for a while now but I only started out with it two weeks ago.

So a total noob like me should probably start with teacups or something like that xD but that was too boring for me so I started to model a character! The character is from an Anime called Rozen Maiden. She’s a porcelain doll and her name is Barasuishou. Here’s a picture so you know what I’m talking about.

The first attempt was a complete fail. xD I started with the head because it had been the easiest thing for me to do at that moment.
Oh I should add that I watched multiple character modelling tutorials along the way.

Yeah I know…It’s an abomination. shivers I couldn’t fix it so I started anew. That’s where I’m now. I’m kind of struggling with it. xD I can’t even really explain my problems…

I’ll post more pictures in the next post…

I think the side view looks kinda weird… I need to fix that somehow. xD

The head looks strange too. xD

Oh and I know that I don’t need to put that much detail into things that will be covered up with clothing but I needed the practice. ^^

waiting to look at the dress modelling… the 2d art looks intense

Looks decent. The joints looked really weird at first, then I reread that your said the character is a doll, lol. Could you post a wireframe? Also I really like the anime style eyes. I could never get the eyeballs to fit and animate right, so I use a more realistic style myself, but good luck to you on it.

Very brave step, but very nice result for your first project.
Very curiouse to see how far all this will go.
Well done

Have been looking at your model and the sideview of the head is a bit off. I googled a bit around and found a very good reference pic for the model you are making. See Cut this sheet up and use the front and side view as a reference. You can place them on a plane or use them as background in the front and side view. If you need more tips follow the character modelling tutorials from Daniel Kreuter found here If you like 3D anime join the G+ forum “3D Anime”.

@ WarLoc3D Thanks for hte great reference! :smiley: I searched a lot but couldn’t find anything as good as this.
I actually am watching the tutorial from Daniel right now. xD