my first work in blender


That’s nice as a first work. You CAN improve it. e.g.

  • The lighting is too even. That makes the render look flat
  • The table top looks to me like an image texture stuck on a plane. Think about a desaturated bump map (even if very subtle) and some reflection. If you aren’t sure about the bump. throw a standard out of the box colorramp node between it and a bump node plugged into the normal. Set the bump distance (not strength) to 0.1, 0.01, or even 0.001.
  • Even if you want the white background, you can add an HDRI texture for lighting and have the white on camera view.

You could make it pop.

But like I said, a nice first work, and the model looks good.

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As an example. This is lit with HDRI and a single lamp. The most left is a flat image texture on the plane. The centre is the same with distance on the bump node set to 1.0, and the third with distance set to .001. All three have the same colour ramp plugged into roughness.

None are physically correct, but I’m sure you will agree that the third is more pleasing.


Welcome to the community! :tada:

It’s really nice, and it shows that you like to challenge yourself. Keep up the good work!

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i think is better

Look up 3 point lighting, and play around with that concept.
I’m sure you’ll get a better result for your model.
The lighting isn’t doing it justice right now :wink:

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I think that you crossed the biggest first-hurdle with a very nice model.

I particularly like the idea that the holes in the otherwise-black microphone are illuminated with an even blue light. This, to me, is an original and innovative photographic idea, and it really “sells the shot.”

IMHO, this and the matte black color are two essential features of “the Almighty Product” which should remain.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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