My first work (kitchen) un this forum

what do you think about it

I really like how the lighting turns out in your final project, however, the windows look straight white.
I hope you accept my comment.

Nice work, it looks nicely modelled, I like how the sun comes through the windows, and the lighting in general. I think some of the wood materials could do with improving though, the reflection on the floor doesn’t look so realistic to me, and the wood grain seems a bit large. You might also want to try rendering with more samples, as that might get rid of some of the speckles, although they could be due to something else. A few small tweaks and I think it could be looking really good, but I think you’ve done most of the hard work already.

This is a scene that I think might work really nicely with some god rays, although they could need some experimenting to get them set up nicely.